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Dec 27, 2011 12:07 PM

Deep Frying Using Shortening. Do I Pre Melt? Or Pack Shortening Into Deep Fryer?

So I am going to do some deep drying using shortening. Do I pre melt the shortening and the pour it into the deep fryer? Or do I just pack the shortening into the deep fryer? And if I pack it into the deep fryer, do I just pack it to the fill line(Does it become more or less when it melts)?

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  1. it will melt in the fryer. you don't need to "pack it in". it will reduce down in volume once it's liquid. as for the fill line, it really depends how much stuff you are frying. make sure the oil is at temp before you put any food in it.

    1. Turn the fryer on then add some fat. As it melts, add more until you reach the fill line. It won't actually "become less" but it will go down when it melts as air pockets disappear.

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        Okay let me rephrase the question: Will the leven of the shortening stay the same, or will it go down, or up, (as it melts)?

        1. re: kjellj

          I wasn't trying to be snarky. It will go down, but not as a bucket of ice would. If you pack it in and remove every air pocket (which you can't), theoretically the level would remain the same. In practice, it'll go down some.