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Dec 27, 2011 11:57 AM

Which free meal would you choose in Montreal?

The best Christmas gift we got was a giftcard from Smartbox, where we have the choice of a meal at any of the following Montreal restaurants. Which would you choose?

Le Grain de Sel
Tablee Vin
L'Assommoir Notre-Dame or Bernard
Le Tour de Ville
Time Supper Club
Decca 77
La Coupoe
Piment Rouge
Alexandre et Fils
Maestro SVP
El Pintxo
Les Infideles
Plein Sud
Cuisiine et Dependance
Enfants Terribles
La Verita

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  1. Cuisine et Dependance or Lemeac.

    1. Thats an interesting gift!
      Just as important, I'd think, is suggestions on where not to go. Just my 2c...

      Le Tour de Ville: great views, maybe nice as a first date, but I find the food a let down.
      Piment Rouge: two camps - some say a world class destination, others say a hoity toity tourist restaurant (with debate on CH as well) I'm in camp#2.
      Maestro SVP: I wanna like this place...good oysters, nice place for a drink. A meal? Not so much.
      Meatmarket: I had high hopes, this place underwhelmed me.

      1. I'd strongly suggest going to town at Decca 77, unless everything, including wine, was on the Smartbox certificate in which case I'd eschew food as the primary reason to go someplace and take advantage of Bu's wine cellar.

        1. Unquestionably Pintxo (not sure what 'el' Pintxo is though, so best to verify) but certainly the most interesting culinary choice of all the others listed.

          Decca77 would be my next pick, depending on your preferance. Lemeac is typical but reliable French bistro fare, and Piment Rouge is upscale Cantonese with a newly revamped seasonal menu that at least sounds interesting. Maestro is decent for oysters, but I'd stick to lunch. Meatmarket is boring and nothing else listed is really worth your time.

          Stick to Pintxo, Decca or Lemeac, and in that order... check their menus first because it all comes down to your preference.

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          1. re: OliverB

            It is THE Pintxo on Roy that's on offer, yes.

            Thanks, Oliver, C70, Porker and EasterBob! You've made some intriguing choices.

            So far here's the score:

            Decca77: 2
            Lemeac: 2
            Pintxo: 1
            Cuisine et Dependance: 1

            Anyone else care to weigh in?

            Keep 'em coming.

            1. re: AnnElk

              All good choices, however, Pintxo would be the most fun! But go with ALL pintxos not their "main" plus chef-selected pintxos; choose your own pintxos! Enjoy!

            2. You can't go wrong with Leméac.

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              1. re: Whygee

                Actually, I had a terrible meal there last month, and I've been going for years. I don't know who was in the kitchen that night, but they shouldn't have been!

                It's a generally consistent if typical bistro and there really isn't anything particularly creative or interesting about the menu, which never changes, seasonally or otherwise. I don't think it's at all comparable to Pintxo, imo.