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Dec 27, 2011 11:50 AM

Discovering Houston...

As my name suggests I'm a Closet Foodie, just now at 22 discovering how much I love food and all things to do with it. For the new year I'm really wanting to "discover" new restaurants around Houston, and really see what all this wonderful city has to offer. I live on the Northwest Side in the suburbs, however I'm not afraid of spending the time or gas driving to a new find (within reason). I would really appreciate any and all suggestions, I like just about anything, and it would surely help me on my quest.

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  1. I VERY strongly suggest to you that you do a search for DoobieWah's remarkably wonderful threads: "I love living in Houston" and "I still love living in Houston." Also, his "Houston's Best Ethnic Restaurants."

    Get yourself a pen & notebook and sit down and read through those threads. You simply cannot find a better reference source.

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      Aw shucks. Thank you Jaymes, that's very sweet of you.

      Of course, most of my suggestions are for my little corner of town...

      But it's a darned good corner to eat in!

      To the OP, please feel free to ask any questions and for sure come back and let us know what you try and most importantly what you find.

      And here's a Happy New Year to all of the HOUSTON CHOWHOUNDS.

      1. re: DoobieWah

        Thank you so much for the suggestion of reading "I love living in Houston", I've started reading it here recently and am amazed by the amount of suggestions. Where to start ? :) That and I must say I'm impressed by the passion in which you write about these restaurants, it's a breath of fresh air. Thank you.

        1. re: ClosetFoodie12

          Let me congratulate you for beginning this journey at such a young age. I'll admit that when I was a young woman of 22, my main criteria for dining was whatever my date paid for.

          I'd ask you what is your culinary background/heritage? White-bread American? Hispanic? Asian? Do you have any simpatico relatives or close friends to cheer you along or guide you on your journey? Are there any cuisines in which you've already developed an interest? Any part of the world you'd most like to visit?

          1. re: Jaymes

            Well as for my back ground its more of a melting pot; my mother cooks everything from Thai to Italian, my grandmother cooks German and good' Ole american classics. So I've had quite a range of things to try, and liked all of them. Both my mom and grandmother are big on cooking, gladly cheer me on and encourage me to try new things when it comes to cooking or food. Now as for my interests I've always want to travel to France, and experiment with French cooking.