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Dec 27, 2011 11:43 AM

New Year's Eve

Any places suitable for vegetarians open on New Year's Eve? Preferably on the Upper West Side, or anywhere else good in the city? I am also looking for a place that we would be able to have champagne at at Midnight, or that would allow us to bring kosher champagne. Any suggestions? Also, I would prefer that we not go to Talia's because I don't think they have much for vegetarians there, but I'm not sure. It would also be nice if the place had a romantic atmosphere.

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  1. Abigael's is probably the best bet. It's nice, has a bunch of vegetarian options, etc. I don't love it but I think it fits the bill here.

    1. I would also check if Mike's Bistro is going to be open, they always have at least one item for each course with no meat or fish involved.

      Prime KO will be hopping on New Year's Eve, but if you don't even eat fish...

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        Would not recommend Prime KO for a vegetarian.

        Mike's is very accomadating. The appetizer salads are excellent- several are vegetarian.

      2. I'm planning on making it a Prime Ko night myself - there'll be a DJ, the food is always good, and i love the atmosphere