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Dec 27, 2011 11:25 AM

Asian Market that steams dungeness crab??

As a native from Norther California I am going through fresh dungeness crab withdrawals. I haven't found it so far in LA, but I am sure there has to be some Asian markets with the microwave steamer thingie for when you buy live crab. Also anyone know of any good sales so far? Pavillions/Vons has had them at $6.99 which isn't really a bargain.

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  1. Assi Korean Market had steamed dungeness for $5.99 a pound and live ones for $4.99 pound. I was there on Christmas Eve and they had TONS of them.
    Located on 8th and Oxford in Koreatown.

    1. crab seems to be expensive this year. 99 ranch christmas eve and they were 7.99 -- highest i can ever remember. probably cheaper now. they'll steam them for you, too.