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Dec 27, 2011 10:10 AM

DiMassey's Mediterranian Restaurant

Anybody been back to this place since it reopened. It was closed for about two years and suddenly it's open again. I was unimpresses the first time I went and the taciturn guy taking your money just grunted and gave me my change. Anything new and better?

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  1. I went in there twice and walked out both times. Once they ignored me and the other time there was (eerily) no staff present. I did read somewhere that the original DiMassi's were the new management and not the old management....

    1. I tried it when it first opened, and thought the food was over-salted and mostly dried out from sitting on the buffet table for too long. I went back after the re-opening; the food was the same. The setting seemed a bit shabbier, though, e.g., the florescent lights at the end of one of the buffet tables had a seizure-inducing level of flickering, and the floor was greasy.

      If I wanted a Mediterranean buffet, I'd drive down a bit further down183 to Mopac, and eat at Alborz.

      1. I think one down down south closed pretty quick, but the one up north was still open. Which one are you referring to?

        Dimassi's, you mean, right?

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          The one up north on 183 by Oak Knoll. I was at the Mongolian BBQ in the same parking lot last week and it looked like Dimassi's was closed, again.

        2. Went to the Dimassi's off 183 a month ago and it was just OK. Still same drab atmosphere and mediocre food. The Dimassi's in Houston are way better.