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Dec 27, 2011 08:13 AM

Alfoccino's in Farming Hills-Anyone been lately?(Detroit metro)

Has anyone been here lately? I was there about a year ago and it was just so-so. Where in the past I have loved it. Their veal picatta the best! But a year ago it was sub par. Thanks!

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  1. Ditto on the sub par experience within the last year. My eggplant parm could have come from Gordon Food Service.

    1. Hi Rheta
      I had exactly the same experience last year. The veal picatta had changed. There were no capers for one thing and, though I can't remember exactly what it was, it was different. I was disappointed. Even the pasta sauce didn't seem the same.
      By the way, happy birthday a little late. If memory serves, it was the 28th. I was out of town (Fairview, Kansas) where I had the best meal of the year. I'll expound if anyone's interested.

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            It's not what you would expect. Donna and I had driven to Fairview, KS. for the funeral of my sister-in-law. Most people find the northeast part of Kansas desolate; I think it's beautiful in it's own way. Anyway, the service was held in a small, very old little church (Fairview aint much) and after the service, we were all invited to the basement for lunch. All the locals had brought food, all farm home made. There was every type of casserole, salad, meats, you could ever imagine, You wouldn't believe what those women could do with beans! Fully half of the table was filled with cakes, pies, custards, etc.. We can brag about our Rattlesnake Clubs, Diamond Jim's, etc, but I'm tellin' you, that was the finest table ever set. I was in heaven.
            Glad to be back. Hope I didn't disappoint with my story and thanks for the birthday greeting, Rheta.

        1. re: SonyBob

          Hi SonyBob. Thanks for the birthday greetings! Such a good memory you have. And I do believe you just had a birthday as well. Happy Birthday to you! And always love to hear about a good food experience,. So yes please do expound!

        2. Uh, oh. I've got a GroupOn to use in the next 8 weeks ... and I was looking forward ot it.

          Guess I'll visit the Auburn Hills location and hope that it is better.