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Dec 27, 2011 07:30 AM

NYE 2012 Menu Planning

After 2 December birthdays, Christmas Eve and then Christmas I'm almost cooked out, but now it's time to plan our NYE dinner party. We'll have 6 guests coming from out of town and spending the night with a NY day birthday to consider as well.

I'll probably be reusing some of the recipes I've used for other guests this month, and so far I'm working with these ideas. Input is greatly appreciated!

Amuse bouche of scallops (did a chili and thyme recipe that was good, but open for other ideas)
Cajun inspired seafood bisque made with crayfish (tiny cups)
Pan grilled brosme (a white fish similar to cod) on locally grown pearl spelt risotto
Salad with dried fruit and nuts
Individual beef wellingtons with some kind of potato (I have some homegrown baby reds I'd like to use)
4-5 local cheeses, crackers and homemade figs and/or other conserves
Baked Alaska (maybe)

"Night food" (a Danish tradition, usually lobster bisque or asparagus soup) of pork rillettes, sourdough bread slides, mustard and cornichons and chocolates for after the champagne toast

Brunch (birthday) next day

Mimosas/Bloody Marys
Warm winter fruit compote
Eggs Benedict with homemade English muffins
something green

Epicurious double chocolate (birthday) cake

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  1. We''ll be starting with smoked salmon, followed by a game casserole, then a single cheese (with appropriate accompaniments)

    1. Well. Our NYE party is just slightly larger than last year's -- approx. 50 people are expected to dance the night away at our house -- so we'll have the event catered for the most part, courtesy of Wegmans.

      We also want to make sure it's mostly finger foods where no plates are needed & napkins or toothpicks will suffice.

      There will be a huge plate of shrimp w/cocktail sauce, a plate of crudités with dip, a big plate of mixed wraps (roastbeef & cheddar, roasted vegetables & provolone), 3 trays of deviled eggs, and a plate of mini cookies. I think that's about it, unless I forgot something. Should be ordered today, me thinks....

      The only homemade 'dish' will be sandwiches on ciabatta bread with ham & smoked turkey & cheese, and a veggie version of that. These were inhaled long past midnight by exhausted party guests and hosts alike at our bash last year :-)

      1. Nobody else planning NYE dinner?!

        1. NYE dinner will be straight forward………

          Afternoon Apps of a really nice cheese plate made of selections we made from our favorite cheese shop. Including some smoked ham and sopresata.

          Early evening apps of smoked grouse breast served on a crostini of homemade bread with a jelly of high bush cranberries and a dollop of goat cheese…..

          Dinner is a simple meat and ricotta lasagna with my homemade sauce and sausage……..

          NY Day is a nice roast chicken dinner with taters, gravy, fresh veggie (maybe swiss chard) and crescent rolls (my wife loves them)…….

          1. We are having dinner with 2 other couples at our house (plus 4 kids ages 4-2 y/o). The kids are getting a crockpot moussaka which they'll eat at their regular dinner time while the grown ups snack on brie en croute, warmed olives, and something else that I haven't figured out yet :)
            Then after the kids go to bed we'll have roasted red pepper and crab bisque, a shrimp, tomato & olive cocktail (recipe from Epicurious), an arugula salad with lemon and parmesan. The main course will be a butternut squash filo pie served with either a spinach and bacon stuffed rib roast OR a ceasar encrusted beef tenderloin (my husband is driving me nuts by not picking - he's got until tonight to decide :)). Dessert will be brought by one of our guests.
            We will do a birthday brunch as well - for about 20 people plus kids. We're going to have a baked ham, french toast casserole, mini frittatas (roasted pepper & goat cheese/ broccoli & cheddar), mini bagels and lox w/ capers, fruit salad, mini blueberry muffins, and then I'm making oreo cake pops. Hope you have a wonderful new year!

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              what's caesar-encrusted tenderloin? it sounds like something i'd like!

              1. re: hotoynoodle

                Its another Epicurious recipe - I haven't actually made it before which is why I'm leaning towards doing the rib roast which I have done but it does sound really good and since there's only 6 of us I feel like it might be more appropriate.

                1. re: momnivore

                  that sounds really good! thanks for the link!