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Dec 27, 2011 06:18 AM

St. Louis: has anyone been to Al's (north of Laclede's Landing)

Most of the online reviews I can find are years old. Of course, it seems that Al's appeal is based on the fact that it hasn't changed in years. If you have been to Al's recently, do you recommend it?

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  1. Well, no, it hasn't changed much. Still expensive,although I believe there's now a written menu for at least part of the meal. I'd have no qualms about calling for a price range if that's what you're thinking. Excellent steaks, and do not miss the onion rings under any circumstances. D

    1. I was there last a couple of months ago. I like Al's a lot. But I like stepping into a 1960s style clubby dining room with tableside preparation and classic dishes like caesar salad, shrimp cocktail, crab stuffed filet, escargot, stuffed mushrooms, etc. Sometimes overlooked are the really great pasta dishes. There is some fraying around the edges of the classic surroundings, but the food and service is still excellent. If you like "old school" it's hard to do better,