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Dec 27, 2011 04:39 AM

Any online post Christmas deals?

I really don't want to subscribe any longer to Consumer Reports or even more to ATK (which I love their recs). Where will I go now? I still am looking for a vintage toaster (in hopes of having hot, nicely browned toast), food processor gave up over the holidays and still am debating about a blender (crushing and pureeing tomatoes and soups).
Who/what do you rely on for your recs? I love this site, but sometimes the rec posts are dated.

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  1. By "vintage" do you really mean you want an old toaster? Or merely one that looks retro? I wouldn't think a used toaster would be a very good choice, as they tend to get worn out in use.

    When I needed a new toaster re ently, I just took a chance and got a KitchenAid on sale from Chef's Catalog:

    It's better than my old one, but not perfect. But it's only a toaster. I can live with it.