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Dec 27, 2011 04:18 AM

Late night arrival in Bangkok

I will be flying into Bangkok for the last two days on my Thailand trip. My flight doesn't land until around 9:30 though. Does anyone have any suggestions for good late night food?

I am staying at the Renaissance hotel which seems to be right next to the Chit Lom BTS station.

I'm looking for somewhere that will be open until midnight or later. Some street food stalls would be great but a restaurant would be fine too. Nothing too expensive though. Thai food would be best but I'd be open to other options if there are limited options at that hour.


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  1. Not sure if my reply makes it way to you on time.

    Chicken rice at watergate area (aka khao mun kai pratunam) caters until 2 am. It's very popular and quite close to your hotel. Somewhat street-food as it's a non a/c restaurant that tables were overflowed onto public foot path. (it's on petchaburi road very near platinum shopping mall...a cab should know)

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      I know the basic area but not sure exactly where your thinking of directing the person. A lot of cabbies english is a little problematic -- it might be wise to provide the GPS co-ordinates so the person can bring up the exact location on Google Maps and print it out for them to try and point the cabbie in the right direction.

      1. re: cacruden

        Thanks for the recommendation! We ended up eating at the street food stalls on Sukhumvit Soi 38, which were excellent. Great noodles/fried chicken! The only issue is that the skytrain closes at midnight and we were still eating. Fortunately cabs are very cheap!

        1. re: iheartpigs

          You made a good choice. I used to live on Soi 38 and ate there frequently. It was always very good.