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Dec 27, 2011 01:04 AM


Hi all, I'm heading of to Tokyo in a few weeks and was wondering if people could give me some tips for their favourite cheap eats in and around the city. I want to eat as much traditional-style Japanese food as possible in the week that I'm there and can't afford much more than 4000 Japanese Yen a day for all meals.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. We've done threads to match your exact question. Please do a search and set the patameters to 5 years. The thread was less than five years ago but the default is 1 year. 4000 yen is possible, but you'rr looking at chain restaurants and such with that kind of budget if you don't read or speak Japanede.

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      1. I very much enjoyed eating at Gyoza Stadium inside Namja Town, which is part of a multi-building development called Sunshine City. Namja Town is a two-story indoor amusement park. There are at least a dozen gyoza vendors there (in theory, famous gyoza shops from all over Japan), and the quality is sky-high. Some of the places are just counters, and others have a tiny restaurant with a more complete menu of snack items, including soups and pickled vegetables which we enjoyed as well.

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          This week-end, i decided for a 'ramen promenade'. Actually, i ended up crazy enough to go for a ramen to Hachioji that cost me more in JR transportation fees than the 700.-yens ramen Niboshi Iwashi Ramen... So, i just wonder, where are you staying exactly ^^ .. For example, if you choose the JR Yamanote Line - quite cheap, for 4000.-yens a day, you can do :
          >Day 1 :
          Lunch at the Soba Nigyou, ask for the 'o-shibori" for 1680..-yens (little appetizer, small hot soba, cold soba served with the squeezed radish, small desert), suplement for tempura add around 800.-yens, in Nihonbashi (7mn walk from Tokyo JR Station)  

          Dinner at the Izakaya En, in Ginza (near the Yurakucho JR Station
          >Day 2 :
          Lunch at the Unagi Inageya, 3 different sorts of 'donburi(rice top with thin slices of unagi=eel)' : for 1100.-yens choose the 'wa-fu' : they have also the kansai style, simple salt grilled, it is 5mn walk for Nishi-Nippori JR Station.

          Diner at the Gyoza Tachikichi with a glass of wine in Shibuya JR Station east exit (did prefer the 'sui-gyozas' with black vinegar than the 'yaki-gyozas(roasted), ..

          >Day 3 :
          Lunch at Sushi Takumi Tatsuhiro, in front of Takashimaya JR Shinjuku, lunch for 'bara-chirashi' for 1700.-yens

          Diner Izakaya at Renkon-ya in ameyoko street JR Ueno (specialities of lotus roots, in tempura with schrimp
          >Day 4 :
          For Lunch, the kaiseki referenced by the chowhounder AlkieGourmand seems nice (for lunch) at under 2000.-yens and it is in Ginza

          Dinner, undon Japanese style wafu carbonara (raw egg, shoyu, cheese) or 'bukkake udon' (sesame, radish..) at Nezu, 10mn walk form JR Nippori

          These are just ideas.., and it would be nice to mix it up with other things like ramen, Japanese pork fried cutlet sandwich 'katsu-sand',...
          The ryokan Annex Katsutaro in the old town Yanaka Nippori might be a nice play also to stay and to enjoy walk on food and temples, and see the familiar popular Tokyo downtown style life..