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Dec 26, 2011 11:56 PM

The Habit in SLO

Having heard positive spin on The Habit locations in Santa Barbara, I decided to try their charbroiled burger offering at the new location in downtown San Luis Obispo. I also ordered a small order of french fries, just to try them. For a basic burger and fries, the total was about $6.25.

The burger is nothing special, though the menu claims its fresh, it had the texture of machine formed frozen patty. There was little beefy flavor. The bun was standard puff bread, the lettuce was chopped iceberg and the tomato slice reasonably red. The fries were hot but not particularly notable otherwise.

I won't be back looking for a burger. Good after-bar food perhaps, when you really can't taste much anyway.

on the horizon: The Neon Carrot team is planning a Burger Night every week this spring--maybe Tuesdays? I can't wait! I've had the Hearst Ranch Burger at Sylvestor's in Los Osos, and it just doesn't have the flavor of Chef Loring's burger. I dream about that burger, now that it can't be had.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I've been to the Habit in Santa Barbara and left feeling underwhelmed also. I did notice last time I was in downtown SLO that there are a number of new burger places. Eureka burger looks promising but I haven't read any reviews on it yet.