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Hating on Father's Office Burger

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Cloyingly sweet caramelized onions overwhelm the flavor of everything else on the burger.

Also, the roll is inferior to most of the $2.00 banh mi joints on Valley Blvd, or even a Jack in the Box ciabatta. Can't have a great sandwich without great bread. Like double-baked rye for Langer's, Amoroso for cheesesteak, or toasted sesame roll for Top Dog.

Props for the beer selection, though.

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  1. Don't know if the place is going downhill or what, but the last time I went I had a little burger with my salt.

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      i went on friday.....i found the bread somewhat chewey-er than usual and a slight decline from what I am acustomed to. it wasn't as spectacular as it has been in the past.

      still good, but something has definitely declined in quality from what I remembered in the past.

      1. re: xericx

        I most definately agree! The last two times I went I was extremely disappointed. What happened to the very tasty bread they used to have? I won't go back until I hear a chowhound has said it's improved...

    2. b

      I was about to tear you a new one but then i started reading the posts below . . . I was there two months ago and it was fine as always . . . but maybe it is indeed slipping . . . thank God for 25 degrees.

      PS - what were you thinking eating with the ciabatta burger? Those commercials are so obnoxious . . .

      1. Very average last time, maybe their spending all their time at the new restaurant in Helms.

        1. I was so excited to finally try out the Father's Office burger. In theory, it's a FANTASTIC burger, but the execution? eh.... the carmelized onions were overpowering and I could barely taste the blue cheese.

          1. The burger's good -- or was several months ago on my visit -- but there are others I'd rather have, such as the Pug at the Hungry Cat.

            1. Hating right along with you, I am I am!

              Look, it's tasty enough. But the obession with NO substitutions is a pain-in-the-arse. And the seating situation there - good gawd, forget-about-it. The Pug at Hungry Cat and the Bowery Burger at (guess where) reign far more supreme. Haven't tried 25 degrees yet. But in due time. . .and way before I ever put a toe in scary FO again.


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                wow i'm a dog

                the no-substitutions policy (especially in la) is extremely obnoxious and self-serving.

              2. Went last night. Not crowded anymore because the Fire Marshall has made a couple visits and they are being held to their capacity which is 49. There is a line to get in. One in. One out. If you get in you will get a table. The burger was good, but everyone is right re: the overly sweet onions. But, I think everyone is just evolving beyond this burger. Especially, since we've been able to have the Pug burger.

                1. went to Father's Office last night. Was sooo excited because I had heard all the rave reviews, but I ended up severely disappointed. While they have solved the seating woes (they now only let 50 people in at a time; great for those who make it (like us), bad for those stuck on the sidewalk waiting for others to exi), the music leaves something to be desired. Yes, I know this is a bar. It wasn't that it was super-loud per se, but that the bass was out of whack so there was a loud humming/vibrating sound, which was kinda annoying. But I was willing to give that a pass since the best burger ever was going to be arriving at my table. And it did arrive fast (bonus points there), but while my companions were in hamburger ecstacy, I was bummed. I had read about the ingredients and thought this would be yummy. I like fancy cheese. I like arugula. I like onions---I love onions---but I think it was the onions that were my undoing. They were caramelized beyond recognition so that they became amazingly sweet which gave the burger a BBQ sauce flavor (I am NOT a BBQ sauce fan). Every bite was just sooo sweet. I couldn't bring myself to finish it. I did eat all of my shoe string fries---perfectly crisp and served with fancy mayo dip. And I would like to try the sweet potatoe fries. But since they are very strict with their no substitutions/no alternations on the burger policy, I doubt I will return to Father's Office.

                  1. Man, I really love that burger.

                    Genuinely love.

                    Maybe it's because of my years of restaurant experience, but I'm a HUGE fan of "no subs or deletions" policies. Anywhere that has that I try to frequent.

                    Plus serving Fries with Aioli is a good idea...really good.