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Dec 26, 2011 11:19 PM

looking for good ethic food near Italian consulate sit down only please

Hi we will be in TO tonight family of 4 BUT kids are used to eating out at non chains and behave in restaurants, we all like ethnic food, husband does not eat meat
we have a car or will use metro
looking for $20 a plate or less
Also thought maybe Z-Teca for quick lunch Wed
Please let me know of your favs
Thank You!!

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  1. Isn't Z-Teca a chain?

    You have a lot of "ethnic" options a lot closer. The consulate is in the middle of Chinatown, lots of choice if you know where to go. Cheap dim sum at Rol San and Dim Sum King. Noodles at Swatow and Noodle King. Dumplings at Mother's. None more than $10 person.

    Baldwin Street is two blocks north, lots of spots from good (Elle M'a Dit/Alsatian) to dreadful (John's Italian).

    Kenzo Ramen is two blocks west of University. And Frank in the AGO serves Canadian food.

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      thanks we will need to grab a quick lunch on the walk from our hotel to the consulate but will be getting dinner in the next few hours. do you know something betterthan Z-Teca but still quick?

      What is good at Elle M'a Dit? Thank You have a great night and Happy New Year!!

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        There is a food court across from OCAD (just south of AGO) called The Grange I think that has some decent options. A Japanese place, a much better burrito place than Zteca (From what I recall at least) and a vegetarian place called Karen's or Carens or something like that)

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          Karine's is mostly vegetarian. They serve bacon for some reason. I guess it goes with their breakfasts.

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          Burrito Boyz or Burrito Bandidos. Same nabe, better food. Both fast food seating.

      2. Asian Legend on Dundas is good at Beverley St N side of Dundas Miranda

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          Thanks to all, we tried Asian Legend and the food was yummy and fresh, restaurant very clean and the service was attentive we got a table without waiting!

        2. Zteca is okay for what it is but I wouldn't waste a meal on it if you only have a day in Toronto. Much better options out there. You can search on here for "around AGO" (art gallery of Ontario) as that is close by the consulate or China Town as iMarilyn mentioned. You will get a lot more options with those search terms.

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