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Elegant New Year's without the Strip and without breaking the bank...is it even possible?

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I've lived in Vegas four years now but never gone out for NYE here. We usually try and spend a quiet evening with friends, but that isn't going to work out this year. I don't feel like cooking, and feel like something a little more elegant than his usual homestyle Indian dishes. Don't get me wrong, I love DH's cooking....I just feel like dressing up a bit and maybe having a real cocktail. And I think NYE calls for elegant, sinful desserts, which I KNOW he won't do.

Any thoughts at all? Someplace romantic (our anniversary is a few days later, and we probably won't even be in the same town as each other on that day); maybe with dancing later on...but definitely away from the strip madness (towards the northwest or Summerlin would be ideal) and that won't break the bank. Am I dreaming?

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  1. Vintner's Grill has a 10pm table available, and the Italian restaurant at the Rampart marriott might do, Spiezine I think it's called?

    No, you aren't dreaming, I think I have found a place that might fit the bill, with 8pm tables available....www.lucioristorante.com haven't been but the reviews look promising.

    1. For something different you may check out Bar+Bistro @ the Arts Factory. They have a special 10 plate tapas menu for NYE featuring "lucky" food. Look them up on Facebook for more info. They are at Charleston, and Main.

      I did the Strip last year, and it wasn't that bad. The crowds were not constricting, and I was able to walk all over easily. It was cold-27 degrees, but I had my thermals on, and had gloves to beat the chill. The Bar+Bistro is in sight of the Stratosphere, and Chef Beni has been doing a great job with the place since he took over.

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        Oooohhh, good idea! I've been thinking about checking out Bar and Bistro, since I like the idea of it and hear good things....thanks! As for crowds on the strip, I was just there this evening, and if its that crowded today I don't want to go anywhere near there on NYE! With the weather relatively warm and as busy as they are I think this could be the biggest NYE since the crash. Heck, I couldn't even find an empty parking place in my secret magic parking lot at the Palazzo tonight....first time ever!

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          Add another fan of Bar + Bistro, which also has the kind of vibe that makes it pleasant to hang there for an evening. Genuine eclectic, instead of "pre-fab" eclectic.

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            Yeah, New Year's Eve being a Saturday is gonna make it worse. LOTS worse. Were you able to get a reservation for Bar+Bistro?


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