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Jun 1, 2006 01:41 AM

yo quiero tacos de tripas/tripitas

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I enjoy tripe. Whether it be dim sum or other preparations - I make no apologies for enjoyin the stuff. Recently the taco gods have frowned on me since the last times I have tried looking for tripe tacos - I have either been denied due to lack of the stuff or the place no longer carries it. the last two times this happened, I was at a Tacos Mexico (one being in Vegas, the other on Beverly).

please, where can I try tripe tacos? I have yet to find them. Thanks.

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  1. There is a place (actually two or three) in the valley called Rigo's. I have had there tacos de tripas and they are really good. You might try El Mercado in East Los Angeles on First and Indiana. One of the food stalls there is sure to have what you are looking for.

    1. Hugh Lipton is correct: you can get tripas at the Mercadito; I used to like the taco place on the top floor near the bathrooms, but I haven't tried them in a couple years.

      King Taco has tripas. Most of the divey looking places I've tried in East LA do, as do many of the taco trucks.

      I recently had some very good tacos tripas at a place in Long Beach recommended by Chowhounder FED. It's called Tacos Loco #3, on Magnolia a couple blocks north of Anaheim Street. Mmm, grilled to a caramelly crunch. And they'll ask you if you'd like homemade tortillas. When is the answer ever no?

      1. I've never had a "tripe" taco. Whenever I've ordered a taco de tripas, I get tripas de leche. How do they prepare tripe for the taco? Their used to be a taco stand on Garvey just east of Rosemead that made great tacos de tripas de leche, real crisp. Excellent chile too. Don't know if they're still there. Forgot the name.

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        1. re: Neta

          f*ck, that's what i get for assuming. so if tripas isn't tripe - what is it?

          1. re: jaydee

            Tripas de leche are the tubes that the milk passes through in a cow if I'm not mistaken. They take these tubes and dip them in flour and deep fry them to make them crisp and delicious. That's the way I prefer them in a taco.

            1. re: Neta

              so like intestines.........which can be akin to tripe?


              1. re: jaydee

                Tripita or tripas de lechera are the small intestine while tripe as they use in menudo is the lining of the stomach.

                1. re: Hugh Lipton

                  Tripas "de leche" are cow intestines. I have prepared them before on an outdoor grill. You need to clean the "stuff" out of the tubes first before cooking. You can take a guess as to what that "stuff" is. The "de leche" part is a euphemism to disguise their true origin.

                  I love them to, but they are hard to find. Maybe because of mad cow disease.

                  1. re: Al Bondigas

                    when my gf explained what tripas were, it all made sense... i used to wonder how they got them so soft.

                    damn. it's chitterlings.

        2. Tripas de Leche, according to the books I've read, are the margut of veal cattle. It's the underdeveloped digestive tract of younger cows before they've been weaned.

          That's probably the ideal situation, but most likely it's usually just the intestines of cows.

          I've seen them in grocery stores and I want to learn to cook them, but as a guy who's not trying to kill himself with cholesterol I have to lay off.

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          1. re: therealbigtasty

            jus tto bring it back up- i want to get some too - but they're not intestines and not from gows. they are soft and edible only in young veal. as the animal grows, it turns into a hard tube and it's basically inedible.

            1. re: Jerome

              Doggone! I was about to jump in and now I'm definitely not knowledgeable enough to give an accurate answer. I've been getting the "tripe" (or whatever they are) tacos and enjoying them at the El Chato truck on the southwest corner of LaBrea and Olympic (M-Sat, about 8pm to about 1am, bit longer on Fri/Sat). They usually have a paper sign under the listed varieties although they do run out sometimes. I'll be there soon and ask.

          2. super late reply. but if you're still looking some tripas tacos in the LA area, there is a place called taco sinaloa scattered across socal. i go to the one in torrance on carson st right off the 110. best tripas i've had. just make sure you get it extra crispy, with green sauce and red sauce on it if you like heat.