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Dec 26, 2011 07:35 PM

Dim sum to go- Bellevue

Hello, SF chowhound here.

We are looking for recommendations for a place to pick up dim sum in Bellevue to bring back to Whidbey. We are visiting Bellevue for the first time. We will be freezing some of the sim
Sum too for my father who lives in Whidbey.

Thanks for any ideas!!

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  1. In the Factoria area - just off I-90 and 405, Top Gun Seafood has dim sum 7 days a week I think. During the week, it should be fairly easy to get food to go. I don't know that I would ask on madhouse weekends. They are somewhat difficult to find, tucked into a back parking lot at the NW corner (across the street from the main parking areas, kind of behind the movie theaters, but a separate lot.)

    Also, across the main street from Factoria Mall is a strip mall with both Tofu 101 and Seabell Bakery. The first is a tofu manufacturer but they have fresh pork steamed buns, cabbage buns, a few meat pastries, and random things, right at lunch time and whatever is left in the afternoon. Closed on Sundays. Next door, the bakery is inexpensive Japanese - soft buns filled with red beans, chocolate, cream, and such, as well as odd little sandwiches on soft white Japanese bread - pork cutlet, potato croquette, tuna, mixed vegetable. Both of these places are very inexpensive.

    Can't help if you are looking for somewhere farther North - other than Dai Tai Fung at Lincoln Square. Not the usual dim sum offerings, but small bites, mostly dumplings and noodles. I've seen people pick orders - better than the typical wait of 1 or 2 hours, but not sure how well their stuff travels.

    1. If you are driving up north, since you're heading to whidbey, you might hop off 405 at Mill creek and pop into Zen Garden. I think they're consistently some of the best in town, just not usually worth the drive to mill creek.

      1. Top Gun in Factoria, or Koi's in downtown Bellevue. Koi's is a bit better in quality, I think.

        Although to tell the truth, if you're freezing the dim sum, you may also consider the already-frozen dim sum available at Uwajimaya (supermarket). Steam it on a plate in a pan with shallow water, and it's not too shabby. Plus it's already frozen.