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Dec 26, 2011 05:24 PM

It Is Impossible to Find a Functional Stainless Steel Steamer Basket.

It's time for my every-other-decade replacement of my stainless steel steamer basket. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and picked up a Progressive steamer basket for about $8. As I took it out of the box, the leaves fell out, one after the other. It was like a joke.

Reviews on Amazon show that others have had the same experience. Same for the Trudeau, the Good Cook, and the Norpro products. There's a fancy OXY model but it includes a (non-detachable) plastic pop-up gizmo that isn't dishwasher safe.

Since all the cheap ones seem to be unusable, I've been looking for higher quality versions. But there are none. The Chef Craft 21522, a bit more pricely and highly reviewed, is only 6 inches - too small, as I'm looking for the standard size that expands to 11". The Ekco 1046277 is unrated, but so cheap that I'm assuming it's also Chinese made (nothing against the Chinese; I just don't prefer cheap tools for everyday tasks).

Anyone know any alternatives? Anyone out there with terminal illness who'd consider willing me their old steamer basket?

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  1. Hi, Jim, Happy Holidays:

    I feel your pain. Are you wedded to this particular style? If so, I'd buy from Bridge or Fantes and let *them* sweat the quality control.

    If not, I think there are now three general alternative choices: (1) silicone; (2) bamboo; and (3) SS pentolas. For the first two, see: http://fantes.com/steamers.html For an example of the latter, see: http://www.culinarycookware.com/bourg... I refuse to pay big $ for the latter, but I've been lucky finding several of them at garage sales for $1 or $2.


    1. It isn't true that there are no higher-quality steamers. I have an All-Clad steamer insert which fits their 8-inch saucepans:


      1. If you want an inexpensive one which works, you might consider the bamboo type which are intended for use with a wok.

        1. What exactly the dish you want to steam? Do you want stainless steel? I bought some stainless steel steamer from HomeGoods, but I don't like them. They are very well constructed, very solid and durable, but too few holes, so not enough steaming. I still prefer bamboo steamers. I can write pages and pages about why I went from bamboo to stainless steel and than back to bamboo, but that is for another day.

          Now, if you are into stainless steel, then try stainless steel Dim Sum steamers.


          Of course, it really depends exactly the style you prefer.

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              Hi, fourunder:

              Hey, I'd try that! The video is pretty funny, though, especially the knifework. I like how they speeded up the video of the guy sawing through the ham.

              You have a Chef Basket? If so, how *does* it work inverted as an in-pot steamer basket?


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                Sorry to say I have not tried it yet, but would be happy to give it a shot. Although you obviously can purchase it online with some free offers....locally, they are available to me in mall kiosks, Target and Walmart stores for under 10 buck with tax.

                This guy doesn't totally say it crap....


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                I had one over 25 years ago. It was a French salad basket. After washing your greens you were supposed to swing it around and spatter the water all over. Outside was the best place to do that.

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                  I was just going to suggest that very same thing. I have no personal experience with it, but it looks like it could work. But wait -- if you order right now, they'll also include a complete kitchen makeover!