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Dec 26, 2011 05:13 PM

Travelling to Seattle in April, looking for suggestions

Heading to Seattle with my lovely wife in April, get in town on Saturday April 14th just before lunch and leave Monday the 16th in the AM to head to Maui for a few weeks. She has never been to Seattle, and I use to live in Anacortes years ago. Curious on recommendations for lunch/dinner while there. She loves Mexican and seafood fare. We enjoy everyting from street fare to five star dining, so everything is open to us. I heard something about a place that deep fries pork belly for lunch?

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  1. What area are you staying in, and will you have a car? A lot of the popular lunch recommendations on this board will be closed on Sunday, so when everyone tells you that you just *have* to get a sandwich from Paseo, consider whether or not you're willing to drive from the airport (I'm assuming? Where are you coming from?) to Fremont or Ballard for lunch.

    The sandwiches are outstanding, I love them, but it's not anywhere close to the airport.

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      Will be staying at the Freemont Olympic hotel and yes we will have a rental during the stay. Was really looking forward to Salumi, but they are closed Sat-Mon, bad luck for us. I have had lunch there twice in the past 2 years and was looking forward to a third time.

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        Fairmont Olympic Hotel. Nice.

        Fremont is the neighborhood just north of the ship canal. Speaking of which, you might try Revel, though it isn't particularly seafood and is more Korean than Mexican, but it isn't traditional at all.

        So are you young ad hip and looking for night life? Pike/Pine corridor of Capitol Hill.
        Or maybe cozy neighborhood, strolling and shopping types? Ballard - Ballard Avenue rather than Market Street.
        Upscale but neighborhood? Queen Anne - top of the hill.
        All have food options.
        I'm just not thinking of who deep fries pork belly, but you'll find versions of it all over town. It's possible that the add on pork belly to the Tavern Law burger was deep fried. You might call them to confirm.

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          For Vietnamese take on pork belly, try the Ba Bar in Capitol Hill. YUM.

    2. If this is your wife's first time to Seattle, a stroll through the Pike Place Market is a must. Maybe make lunch or dinner reservations at Matt's?

      1. Senor Moose is good for regional Mexican food. It's in Ballard. Try Sunday brunch there, but get there early because there's usually a line.

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          Le Pichet is the name of the place I was referring to with the deep fried pork belly, anyone ever eaten here?

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            Le Pichet is alive and well and loved by many. The menu changes every month-ish, so the crispy pork belly salad may be off by April. I've honestly never had anything bad there. The same owners also operate Cafe Presse on 12th Ave E just south of Madison (near Seattle U). Some people claim to like Presse better, but I still favor Pichet.