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Dec 26, 2011 04:59 PM

Best Roti Prata in Singapore

I have tried Roti Pratas in and around Singapore and I must say that the Prata @ Kampong Café at 60 Joo Chiat and Ubi Block id exceptional in taste compared to others.

The prata is not oily and its texture is just right to tear into bite sizes, with the use of the fork and spoon, unlike others. Also, the fish curry that comes along with it adds to its mouth-watering taste.

It's very cheap, in my opinion. Around 50 cents a piece. Not bad if you're on the lookout for a cheap alternative to high-priced pratas.

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  1. Thanks - I'll probably check it out tomorrow. Any dhal curry to go with it? I'm not a big fish curry fan.

      1. re: RockyM

        Yes, I liked the freshly-made prata - greaseless (the way i prefer) and crisp & hot. Also liked the light dhal curry which had the right consistency.

        I't's up there, but not anywhere near the best unfortunately. You must try the prata at Madras New Woodlands in Upper Dickson Road (which I thought was the best in town) or the one at the Prata Shop at Sembawang Hills Estate (Casuarina Road) - though the latter can get busy at times, and service can range from reticent to downright snooty.

        Thasevi at Jalan Kayu is another favorite of mine, though you need to get them to serve you hot off the griddle prata, instead of one of the pre-cooked and "stale" ones.

        Komala Vilas at Serangoon Road is another really good one - they change cooks every so often - sometimes, you do get out-of-the-charts great prata, whilst at other times, you get stodgy, floury, chewy ones. Yuks!

        What I thought Kampung Cafe's prata man can do better - make his prata ever-so-slightly sweet, it will contrast well with the subtle salty taste which his pratas already possess.

        Address details
        Kampung Cafe
        60 Joo Chiat Road
        #01-08 Gateway Hotel
        Singapore 427726
        Tel: +65 6100 2949