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Can I reuse stew liquid?

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I stewed up a bunch of stuff that was going bad in my fridge along with stew meat, red wine and lots of spice. Yum! Now I've pretty much eaten up all the meat and turnips and bok choi, but I have plenty of red wine/broth humming along in my slow cooker. Is there any reason I can't just get some more potatoes and onions and meat and reuse the liquid? advice?

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  1. I have made the most delicious onion soup from stew liquid. I just caramelized a ton of onions and when they were done, poured over the stew liquid, served in big bowls with some fresh French bread. One of the best soups ever!

    1. That liquid is basically a homemade stock. What could be better?

      1. You can absolutely re-use it...the more times you do, the better it gets. It becomes like a kind of 'master sauce'.

        1. Pour it on your meatloaf. yum eeee.

          1. Sure you can, as long as you store the broth properly inbetween. Sounds like it's still hot right now. Cool it down and refrigerate it, or freeze it if you don't want to use it right away.

            1. No. Absolutely not.

              Give it to me. I'll take care of it for you.

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                so kind of you to make such a sacrifice, ips. :P

              2. As everyone has said -- yep, absolutely. And if you don't want to make more stew, it makes the most wonderful soup base. Add some liquid (preferably unsalted beef stock) and use whatever soup ingredients you want. Vegetable beef barley soup is always good at this time of year.