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Dec 26, 2011 04:04 PM

Good, reasonably priced Italian in Washington, DC

I am looking for a good, reasonably priced, maybe family-style Italian restaurant in Washington DC. Bucca de Pepo is too cheesy for my taste and Maggiano too much of a chain. Any one have any suggestions? I would love something that feels more home made for a good price!

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  1. Are you looking in DC proper or in the DC area in general?

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    1. re: Terrie H.

      DC proper for now, but wouldn't mind some that are outside, though close, to DC for the future too.

      1. re: oamter

        Haven't been in years, but Otello on Connecticut Ave in Dupont Circle was a decent value. In Bethesda, La Paneteria is also a good value.

    2. what about Filomena in Georgetown? HUGE plates. I've only been once - with a group of girlfriends - and we had fun.

      I was going to suggest Dino before I saw the "Bucca/Maggiano" style request. Dino is my favorite Italian in the city, and I don't like eating Italian out because it's so easy to make...but we DO go there. So if you want lighter and more sophisticated but not overpriced, Dino in Cleveland Park is it. Otherwise, try Filomena.

      1. Dino has 3 course meal for $39. Was there on xmas eve and it was very good and the owner couldn't be nicer. Very much liked this place.

        1. I love Dino - that would be my personal choice, but you might also consider Carmine's. It's very much family-style. Huge portions meant for about 4 people, decent quality, casual.

          1. I'll vouch for Dino's too, although Carmine's is a good option if there is a larger group. The food at Carmine's is nowhere near as good as Dino's but it does have a more "familiar" Italian feel people who are not real foodies or if there are kids in the group.

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              The noting of Bucca and Maggianos is why I recommended Filomena in Georgetown - red sauce Italian in huge portions.

              Dino is the opposite end - light, not ungodly portions, etc. I do love Dino, but think it's a bit different than what the OP was trying to find similar to....just a thought!