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Three Korean places, London

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• Korean Kitchen, Soho
A soft, slightly puffy and chewy texture in the mung bean pancake/bindaeduk, with a trace of graininess from the mung bean flour, and vegetal crunches from the embedded green onions. A heartwarming and spicy kimchi chigae, a medium spicy stew with bean curd/tofu, pork and the occasional clam. Pleasant on the whole, even if it's not life changing.

• Dong San, Charing Cross Road
This is a newer place, according to their website, they just moved to this location, presumably from the Poland Street Soho location that used to house a place with the same name. Slightly stringy spinach in the namul selection, but the bean sprouts and radish were fine, all with a thin veil of sesame oil. The sweet and sour chicken was well made, the remaining shade of crunchiness from the deep frying slowly washed away by the glowering spicy sauce typical of the Korean rendition.

• Arang, Soho
Comfort food in the form of dukmandoogook, slices of perfectly chewy and slightly waxy rice cakes in a milky stock, with the fluttering skins of pork-filled mandoo/dumplings, very flavoursome slices of beef, toasted seaweed, and soft creamy egg drop. Panchan here is complementary as is the custom, unlike many korean places in London. Solid pungent and spicy kimchi, bean sprouts flavoured with sesame oil, and a surprisingly good potato salad perked up with a dash of mustard. Would lokve to come back to try more.

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  1. I used to go to Arang loads, glad to hear it's still good. Might pop in for lunch tomorrow, thanks for the report :)

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      Love to know what your favourites were at Arang. Thanks!

    2. Arang sounds good. Few things beat a pungent winter kimchi. I'm assuming you can't grill meats at your table but that's a minor quibble.

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        There's also table grilling and the tables looked equipped for that. But haven't tried, so can't say much. Hope others will chime in.

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          Yep you can grill at the table, we've often had the galbi, beef bulgogi and spicy pork bulgogi (my favourite).