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Dec 26, 2011 12:58 PM

Alternative to costly calasparra and bomba rice

Looking at which sells both rice types, calasparra and bomba and seeing that "Prime Amazon" or "Free shipping" does not cover shipping costs, wonder if there is any type of rice commonly sold in the U.S. that could be substituted.


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  1. Are you thinking paella? I use short-grain rice and have done nicely with it, although I suspect the purists would be distressed. It's easy to find at Hispanic grocery stores, and some of our regular stores carry it as well.

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      Yes, I was thinking paella, but I certainly am not a purist re paella. I'll give FoodMaxx a look-see for their 'quality' short-grain rice. Thanks.

    2. Before bomba and calasparra were available to me, I used Japanese short grain rice (my everyday rice) for Spanish rice dishes. This rice was also suggested as an option by Penelope Casas and chowhound's own MoGa. That being said, I find that I do get great results when I use bomba- very forgiving and delicious.

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        As I keep this on hand, have to ask: Would this qualify as what you refer to as "Japanese short grain rice."

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          And here's the link I meant to attach in my last post.

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            I thought I'd read the related postings, so thank you for finding it for me.

            Sometime ago I posed this question at

            and am 'sorta' following through, but just don't want to get too involved with the nuances of it. But yet, then again, I guess I am ... sorta :-))

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          I second that. You'd have a hard time distinguishing the difference between Bomba and Arborio or Carnaroli in a paella.

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            I just got through ordering


            and have on hand


            so I'll be in business for a risotto or paella.

            If and when I run across a calasparra or bomba rice, I'll snap it up.