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Dec 26, 2011 12:13 PM

Cleveland-area CSA experiences?

It's the middle of winter, but never too early to start planning ahead, right?

So: I'm interested in joining a Cleveland-area CSA this coming year. Mainly interested in vegetables, leafy greens, etc. Does anyone have experiences any of the CSAs around here? Good/bad/otherwise?

I was thinking about Geauga Family Farms ( just based on their descriptions and pick up sites (would prefer pickups on the east side).

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  1. Hi! We finally bit the bullet and joined one last year. It was a learning experience to be sure, one that we really enjoyed. We did a lot of research and ended up with Fresh Fork Market's CSA, and we really like it. They offer multiple payment options and source from a variety of local farms so you get not just produce but also dairy, meats, some cheeses, etc. We are definitely doing it again next year. Trevor, the fellow who runs it, puts herculean efforts into drivign around to all the farms to pick things up, and the detailed newsletters he includes each week with information about the farms and recipes for the ingredients in the week's basket are a real value-add. I also really liked that they had 2 different pick up locations near me, so that if we were late and missed one, we could go to the later location in an adjacent city and not miss our pickup. We had to do that more than a couple of times when traffic or working late interefered with our being able to get to the regularly scheduled pickup location. And you can add on things that they have on the truck spur of the moment, like eggs or milk or whatever, which is really great. We were very pleased with the quality and quantity and selection.

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      I have not done the Fresh Fork Market CSA, but I have done a good amount of business with them while ordering for restaurant kitchens and these guys always come through. They have great knowledge about their products and are a superior resource that has contacts with multiple farms. If I was to get a CSA for my personal consumption I would be confident in the offerings of Fresh Fork Market.

    2. Take a look at City Fresh ( They have several stops that they make throughout the week-one might be right for you. Their food is sourced from local, organic (perhaps not certified organic but adopting organic practices) farms. Another thing I like about them is that they have lower-priced shares for low income folks and they have pickups available in areas that might not typically have an abundance of fresh food. We've been doing CSA's for several years and love it--makes me be more creative in the kitchen when we have food in the share that I wouldn't typically buy (e.g. kale). And it's a nice quick social outing (at least at the Lakewood Fresh Stop). We also did Covered Bridge Gardens one year and enjoyed it.

      1. Thanks, all, for the recs! I'll check them out and report back, well, in a couple months...

        1. We've done Basket of Life and Crown Point. I prefer Crown Point because they have a wider range of plans and options (we split a full share with a friend this past summer). Both are worth checking out.