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Dec 26, 2011 12:04 PM

'Twas the evening after Christmas 2011 and we have leftovers...dinner will be creative!

We have some leftover cooked and peeled shrimp. My wife worked hard preparing Christmas dinner, and now it's my turn to do something with some of the leftovers.

It will be some form of jambalaya without the jamba. There's no leftover chicken or sausage, so shrimp will be the protein. There are just 2 of us since we've had an empty nest for about 2 decades. I cook most often without measurements.

The ingredient list includes aromatics for a soffritto (Italian spelling) of onion, celery, minced garlic and green pepper sauteed in olive oil, about a cup of long grain rice, an appropriate amount of liquid, a small amount of ground cayenne (my wife does not tolerate capsaicin well), about a tablespoon of paprika, and a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce (the one made with tamarind and anchovies, not soy sauce). The shrimp will be added after the rice is cooked because the shrimp is already cooked.

If anyone is curious about how this concoction turns out, send a post. Otherwise I will not bore you with the results. My wife will have comment because she always does. Her favorite comment about my cooking is "If you create something that I like, I know that I will never get it again." That's because I like to play with my food since I belong to the "What if...?" school of cooking specializing in "cuisine impromptu."

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  1. This sounds delicous...I've been craving shrimp lately...

    1. That's sounds good! Let us know how it turns out. I just got home from Central Market and they had a much larger variety of shrimp than usual, I almost bought some but my fridge is stuffed and I have a piece of ahi that needs to be cooked tonight.

      1. I should have been more creative, I ate all my leftover shrimp for breakfast yesterday with cocktail sauce.

        They were leftover from my Christmas Eve Fra Diablo, which is another easy way to use up shrimp.

        1. Well the resulting concoction was a little bland at 1st tasting before serving. Some squirts of lemon juice and some ketchup were necessary to add some zip. 'Twas not one of my better creations, but it was dinner. Unfortunately, there's still a little bit leftover. it may be lunch.

          I should have done what Coll did...eaten the shrimp for breakfast with homemade cocktail sauce.

          1. We have a lot of cooked shrimp left. Thinking about putting some in the smoker today for smoked shrimp cocktail.

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              Do it soon because shrimp do not stay fresh long. I know from experience. Happy smoking...of shrimp, of course.