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What Did Santa Bring?

OK, someone has to do it... start a thread on what folks got gifted in the realm of Cookware and Chow.

I got a heavy (12-pound) vintage saute, Julia Child's "MAFC", and James Beard's "American Cookery". I'm interested in what others are excited about having received.


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  1. Hi Kaleo,
    Well, I got the usual W-S gift certificate, which is super nice. But, what really got me wasn't cookware - my sister got me a gift certificate for my local BUTCHER!! Woohoo - this guy ONLY deals with prime, and I'm talking the stuff pros get. Visions of meat dancing in my head.

    I'm thinking not many of my co-workers will reply "meat" when asked what they got for Christmas - ha!

    1. Mrs. ricepad wanted to get me a yanagiba, but didn't know what I wanted, so she's gonna let me pick one! So many choices....

      1. Back up the truck... Kaleo - a 12 pound vintage saute? You need to post a picture of that baby, if you can.

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        1. re: breadchick

          oh you're gonna like this saute...

          1. re: alarash

            Hi, buddy, you ought to know! Now I have to find a camera... Oh, wait! Since it was *yours*, maybe YOU have a photo of my "new" pan.


          2. re: breadchick

            Hi, breadchick:

            OK, here goes, but this is alarash's photo. My saute is the top one.

            1. re: kaleokahu

              it's the pan on the left. Maybe kaleo can pot some more befitting pics, with a precise weight and micrometer reading of the thickness...

              1. re: kaleokahu

                Ah, that is a thing of beauty. If I knew I could sling that thing around, I'd be quite jealous - but as it is, my limit on weight is around 7 lbs. due to joint issues.

                Heck, I AM jealous. Enjoy your new baby!!

                1. re: breadchick

                  Thankyou, breadchick. Better the 12-pound saute than 12-oz. weights for reps, my liver says.

                  7 pounds isn't particularly light, so you already have good strength.

                  Happy New Year

            2. Christmas was pretty spare for me this year. I got Anthony Bourdain's 'Kitchen Confidential' and a stinky Epicurean cutting board. It's all good 'cos we're remodeling our kitchen and have had numerous 'gifts' throughout the process. :)

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                Hope you enjoy Kitchen Confidential, it's a great read!

              2. 5.5 quart Le Creuset Dutch oven. It was a second from Marshall's, and I can't quite tell if it's flame or red. Love it all the same though.

                What to Cook and How to Cook It. Gorgeous book with impeccable design, more inspirational than educational.

                Williams Sonoma gift card, which is going towards a Cuisinart 3 cup food processor (can't justify a big one, I use my immersion blender for soup and the like).

                And my gift to myself, Pyrex mixing bowls. Nice step up from plastic bowls from Ikea.

                1. Le Crueset red dutch oven(round), red 4 qt. square casserole, black rectangular 9x12 and the black square baking dish(8x8 I think?). All-Clad measuring cups. Julia Child's The Way to Cook and MAFC. A book from the 80's called Cooking Across the South. Oh! And a Williams-Sonoma gift card. I got a great haul this year!

                  1. For the sixth night of Hanukkah I got an electric smoker! I'm thrilled to pieces.
                    And don't let the Hanukkah fool you, there will be smoked pork butt this spring!

                    I also got a new 4cup Pyrex measuring cup (mine met an untimely demise at Thanksgiving).
                    A Lock'n'Lock Bento set.
                    And a 3 cup Zojirushi Rice Cooker.
                    The new Mozza cookbook, signed by Nancy Silverton & Matt Molina.

                    I'm a happy camper.

                    1. Gorgeous Shun knife. Twist espresso maker, whipped cream maker (for molecular gastronomy). Great presents, all.

                      1. Some PlateBowlCup dinnerware by Jasper Morrison for Alessi.

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                        1. re: Jay F

                          Hi, Jay:

                          That's some good-looking stuff. Congratulations, and many years good eating out of/off it.


                          1. Hi!

                            I'm kinda new here. I've been lurking/reading posts here off and on over the past year of researching to slowly strategically upgrade my cookware, but I just started posting on the forums in the past week or two... but this is the first time I am "introducing" myself.

                            I didn't have a big Kitchen-enhancing gift haul, but I did get the 5-qt glass Kitchen Aid bowl for my tilt-head stand mixer (for the past 15 years I have had the 60's Kitchen Aid mixer that was given to my mother as a wedding present), they don't make em like that anymore, and also a thick 16" pizza stone (slightly over 1/2 inch) to replace the cheap/thin/smaller one I've been using. and a few other small useful tools.

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                              ....oh, and I bought myself a very large Bourgeat saucier a few weeks ago, that was kinda an early christmas present to myself

                            2. So glad you asked!

                              My husband got me a Staub 2.5 qt cocotte in grenadine and a Staub 7 qt oval cocotte in basil. They are SO gorgeous!

                              I got a Mauviel 5 qt copper mixing bowl from my mom that I've wanted for about 20 years.

                              I also got a huge pyrex pie plate from my in-laws (for making them pecan pie).

                              One of the coolest design-y things I got was the lunchpot by Black & Blum, which I think was featured in one of the gift guides on chowhound...?

                              We also got barware from my sister, including some really nice double walled glasses from Bodum.

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                              1. re: charlesbois

                                Those are strikingly beautiful colors! I have that cocotte in grenadine and I have the three-piece set of mini cocottes in basil.

                                1. re: nofunlatte

                                  How lovely! I think the mini cocottes are next on my list.

                              2. Mumzy and daddykins got me a Vitamix Professional 500 Blender. I was going to get a heart attack and im not even of drinking age yet lol. That thing is super expensive. Then my aunt got me a Kitchenaid Professional Mixer. And my other aunt and uncle got me 2 saute pans. I opened others and found ramekins, a $120 Williams-Sonoma giftcard, a $50 Williams-Sonoma giftcard, a Bernzomatic Torch, and an Emelie Henry Pie Dish. Santy Claus didn't come to my house this year. Well Santy Claus is always my grandma in a Santa Claus costume but shes on vacay.

                                1. I finally got my Kitchenaid mixer!!! and I have to add my wife bought me a new truck, not brand new, but gorgious just the same.

                                  1. My Grandfather's KitchenAid, with all the meat-grinding / sausage-making accessories. It's the older model with the nylon safety gear that you can replace yourself, not the newer model with the metal gear that can cause the entire motor to burnout.

                                    I also got a WalMart gift card, which I used to get a Lodge 10" cast iron skillet, a Lodge cast iron chicken fryer, and a T-Fal tri-ply stainless steel 2 quart sauce pan.

                                    I'm pretty stoked! :D

                                    1. A maple end grain cutting/chopping board/block from Board-Smith.
                                      (I think the Christmas Truck present has it beat thouigh)

                                      1. I"m late to the party but wanted to share. It was an awesome year!

                                        My beloved gifted me with the most beautiful chrome kitchenaid mixer. It's beyond gorgeous (let's wait to discuss the fingerprint issue).

                                        My mother got me a lovely 5.5 qt Staub in teal that is just beyond gorgeous. She also got me some beautiful olivewood utensils and lemon reamer. Two silpats also were under the tree.

                                        I also received a copper bowl and a fiestaware 9x13 baker.

                                        The fun didn't end there though. My beloved received Shun Classic knives in the 8 in chef, 7.5 in sumo santoku and the 5.5 in santoku. He was also gifted with a great knife block.

                                        It was a wonderful year! Happy holidays :)

                                        1. Hazan's Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking and a Roku device (there's a Chow Channel). Also got a beautiful slate cheese board, a set of cheese knives, and several cheeses. And a combo Xmas-birthday gift of a snowblower. That will come in handy so that I can get out of my driveway and to the store should I need ingredients for some snow-day cooking!

                                          1. My generous family gave me a very large beautiful chopping board ( handcrafted by Grothouse in PA) . It was a lot more than I had asked for and I had to get a cart/rack on wheels to be able to use it and then store when not in use, somewhat efficiently.

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                                              Here are a couple of pictures - for those which are interested :-) The board weighs ca 45 pounds!

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                                                I got "Blood,Bones & Butter" by Gabrielle Hamilton,some small wares(mini tongs,silicone brushes.cheese knife set),and cash which I put towards 2 new stones(Chosera 1k&Arashiyama 6k) and just before Christmas I treated myself to a Konosuke HD 240 gyuto!!

                                              2. Santa was only dealing in girly things this year (scent - Guerlain London is fabulous, and features a rhubarb note, so worthy of Chownote - and dresses) so I got me a gorgeous rectangular Scanpan, the heritage Bundt (the swirly one), and the beater blade that scrapes the sides of the bowl, with my Christmas dough. Chef's Catalog buys. Color me happy.

                                                1. a 3.5 oval Le Creuset (already exchanged for a 5.5 quart, I cook for crowds) Dutch oven and a 12 piece placesetting of Fiestaware, mixed colors

                                                  1. It was Christmas all year long here for cookware -- I replaced/upgraded almost every one of my most-used stovetop items. So Santa stuck to books, but classics: Harold McGee's On Food and Cooking, and La Varenne Pratique.

                                                    1. Treated myself to a KitchenAid mixer finally. Only other thing was my wife bought me Barefoot in Paris as a stocking stuffer.

                                                      1. Le Creuset 3.5 qt braiser (gift to myself)
                                                        $100 gift certificate to the local meat market (from my employer)