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Looking for Fish Market / Sf Bay Area

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Recently re-located to San Jose, CA and am looking for a fresh fish market. I'm trying to buy directly or as close to the source as possible. Does San Francisco or Monterrey have locations where one can buy directly off the boat or something equivalent? Thanks for the info!!

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  1. Take a look at the current dungeness crab 2011 thread for buying off the boats.

    1. It is definitely possible to buy off the boats in Half Moon Bay.

      1. Crab is in season right now, so if you like the local dungeness, youre in luck and can find them all over. Theres probably a 99 ranch not too far from where you are. Otherwise, except for salmon season, which can be hit or miss, large fish consistently available can prove hard to find. Still, some of the smaller local fish like rock cod can be pretty tasty if you can find it. The harbor master at princeton can give you some info about whats on the boats, and i think you can even reserve crab by calling. Theyve been pretty busy lately.


        1. Monterrey is in Mexico. Monterey is in California.

          1. Check the California board for Santa Cruz recommendations. SC is closer to SJ than SF or Monterey. There's a few fish markets on the wharf and in town, and I'd venture to guess some sales directly off boats.

            Also check some of the local farmers markets (SJ, Palo Alto, Mountain View, etc), there's a few fish vendors that show up that provide local fish.

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              In San Jose itself, Race Street Fish and Poultry has been around forever - I imagine they're doing something right there.


              Race Street Fish & Poultry
              253 Race St, San Jose, CA 95126