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Dec 26, 2011 10:07 AM

Whister Tandoori Indian Restaurant [Whistler]

Had take away last night. We ordered chicken vindaloo, lamb vindaloo, lamb jalfrezie, lamb palak (w/spinach), various nans, and samosas.

The currys were awful -- the vindaloo was overly creamy (not a usual vindaloo by what I've sampled), the palak was equally bad, though the jalfrezie was OK. I'd never had such a bitter and off-putting curry in years (or ever perhaps?).

The naans were cold, probably made earlier in the day, esp the meat filled keema nan which was a disgusting crumbly mess.

I've been eating here for many years and have noticed a sharp decline in the last few years (coincidentally with the employment of Australians rather than Indians).

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  1. Thanks for the report. With the exception of one or two sushi places, the ethnic food in Whistler seems universally awful. I'm sure the Indian place is not the only restaurant where young Australians are doing the cooking. It's a shame--you'd think maybe with Vancouver so close, an enterprising and talented Thai/Chinese/Indian chef might want to start up a place in Whistler. But that doesn't seem to be the case and I wonder why. Rents too pricey? Skiers (besides me) not interested or discerning enough? Every year I hope that Whistler will turn into Canada's Aspen--a place that actually attracts great chefs and enthusiastic diners.

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      I think Whistler is in a steady decline across the board. Hotels which used to be nice are looking tired, shops which sold high-end good have either disappeared or starting selling cheaper wares, and there doesn't seem as many wealthy tourists coming in from all over.

      Places in Europe have 2-3 michelin star restaurants, insanely expensive ski stores, and beautiful architecture; Whistler is looking dated, and I think people are catching on......

      1. re: christy319

        There have been a couple of attempts at good ethnic there ( eg a modern Korean place). Nothing took off. It's a combination of rent, seasonal fluctuations in visitor numbers, and ski resort demographics....and lately, a worldwide economic meltdown. Putting a hugely expensive new highway didn't help whistler from elevating from its second-rate status.

        1. re: fmed

          Plus the pesky Canadian dollar refuses to revert to it's pre-recession low.

          1. re: brokentelephone

            It's still cheap for the Brits and there doesn't seem to be a slowdown in Aussies coming. And I don't know if making it cheaper for Americans would improve the restaurant scene. I gues it just suffers the same fate so many tourist towns do. I'm just surprised given that Vancouver is such a great restaurant city (maybe everyone just drives back home to the city at night to eat)?

            1. re: christy319

              I live in Britain and whilst the economy isn't exactly recessionary they aren't spending in the same way as 3 years ago.

              Yes, you get 1.5 $ for your £ but you used to get 2$ per £ so it doesn't feel as cheap as it previous years. On my flight to Vancouver I saw very few people with ski-bags at the airport arrivals compared with previous trips.

      2. FWIW, I've noticed a decline in the related Vancouver restaurants as well, so it may be lack of QC/supervision of the various locations...