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Dec 26, 2011 09:42 AM

Banana Brown Sugar Infused Whiskey?

So I read this post: and my first thought was I want to make it at home. Not much on it around the internet. A brief mention of a similar cocktail suggests sauteeing bananas in butter, then storing with whiskey, but not how long to store, whether to heat the whiskey in pan with the bananas, etc. Anybody have ideas/a recipe?

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  1. For Phili's Franklin Mortgage Company's banana-infused rum, they use "2/3 of a quart (perhaps a pound or 20 oz?) of dry banana chips per 750 mL of rum. Infuse for 20-40 minutes, and strain."

    I can't help you on the brown sugar part.

    When I saw Dave Arnold and Harold McGee talk, they made some speed infusion of banana and whiskey using either nitrogen cavitation or sous-vide.

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        The Dave Arnold version involves an enzyme separation process and then clarification via a centrifuge.

      2. Contact the bar, or the bartender. Information for both is in that post, and in the comments. rarely do bartenders refuse to give out a recipe when asked. I request them all the time.