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Dec 26, 2011 09:30 AM

Lunch Suggestions

So here is the challenge, looking for a spot that will suffice for my 75 year old father, and my chow brother. Parameters are this:

No Sushi (spouse who cant do raw fish)
No spicy/ ethnic (father is Scottish and pepper is considered spicy)
Rather avoid chain (Cactus/Brown's/etc)
We will have 4 kids in tow (rang from 2 - 11_

Location Burnaby/New West/Coquitlam as one party coming from Maple Ridge one from Ladner one from UBC. I would think Pear Tree but not sure the kids make it work.

Right now sooooo does not feel like there is a chow worthy meal in the making but would love a rec that would work.

Thoughts would be good red sauce Italian, Pizza or quality Pub style where kids are welcome (unless someone has better thoughts)

Desperately yours

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  1. Old people love White Spot -- it's one of the things I hate most about it. Yes, it's a chain, but it's at the very lowest level so does that mean something? Mind fuck! @(・●・)@

    1. Hhmmm.. Tall order. Have a look at the Straight's suggestions here

        1. Tall order indeed! Good luck. My top recco is Anatolia’s Gate – 7084 Kingsway at Salisbury Burnaby (604) 525-2519 Turkish; perfect lavash (get white, not whole wheat!), cheese pides, complimentary tzatsiki outstanding, lots of "stewy" braises, comfort food that is not spicy at all

          Au Petit Chavignol might work if you can come a little further into town:

          Since you seem to be casting a wide net here's a few ideas that are on my "to try" list so no

          guarantees :-).

          Fraser Park Café 4663 Byrne Rd M-F 6:30-2 Sat 7-1:30

          Giuseppe’s Bread and Deli 3596 E. Hastings St., 604-299-2316 The menu may consist of a crumpled piece of paper in Giuseppe’s pocket, but the homemade pastas and tender meat dishes that come out of his kitchen belong in a high-end room.

          The Danube at Hastings and Boundary. The owners used to run Budapest on Main St. The menu is well priced, good schnitzel, goulash and a few other Eastern European classics. The place is bright and airy - with high up skylights and glass all around. Lunch on weekends on ly

          Osteria Napoli 1660 Renfrew St., 604-255-6441, famiglia-friendly service and an array of rustic Sicilian dishes. Once a month roast suckling pig, and the staff parades it around the room.

          Campagnolo Roma has lunch Wed-Sun:

          Red Wagon Café 2296 East Hastings at Garden (just before Nanaimo) (604) 568-4565 Monday 8am to 6pm Tuesday to Friday 8am to 10pm Saturday Brunch 9am to 4pm Dinner 6pm to 10pm Sunday Brunch 9am to 4pm (no dinner Sun or Mon)

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          1. re: grayelf

            Good recs. Anatolia's Gate would be my top choice too. Note that Guiseppe's hasn't been the same since the change in ownership a couple(?) of years ago.

            Campa Roma does not take reservations which could be problematic.

            1. re: fmed

              Thanks for the intel, fmed -- it was an older entry on my ever-changing "to try"! I knew no resos at CR, shoulda said so, but might still work if it is a non-busy day?

          2. Tough order, given the location (and locations of people coming), age ranges and palates. Especially with 4 kids in tow, I think some of the suggestions above may be challenging for them.

            Maybe Scala at the Grand Villa Casino Resort, just off Hwy 1 and Willingdon. Pretty central. Good variety of foods, non too-spicy nor exotic. For the little ones that might get fussy as the evening goes on, a hotel always offers "escape/time-out" spaces :-)


            Good luck !