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Dec 26, 2011 08:14 AM

Are there any 12" by 16" baking sheets/jelly roll pans??

I had a 12" by 15" All Clad but that 1 inch off bothers me. Sorry for being OCD on this but it just makes me feel better lol. I prefer commercial quality. I found a Chicago Metallic at 12" by 16.75" but that .75" extra. *shudders*

Cookie sheets wont work as I need the rims for a rolled cake I wanted to make.

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  1. Half sheet pans sold on Amazon have a listed size of 12-7/8'' x 17-3/4''. They also sell a liner that is 11 5/8-Inch by 16 1/2-Inch. That gives you an idea of the taper in the sides.

    Half sheet pans are standardized in size, since restaurants store them on racks.

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      I already have a Vollrath sheet pan in that size. I LOVE IT but it would kill me to use a size different than as stated in the recipe. Im using a foreign cook book and it calls for a 12 inch by 16 inch baking sheet or jelly roll pan. If I was making cookies then I would settle for any size. But the cake im making is a cake known for cracking when rolled so I wanted to make sure it was the perfect thickness so I want the exact dimensions. Im willing to have it imported if I have to. I could care less what the standard size is as Im sure a 12" by 16" pan exists.