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Dec 26, 2011 06:12 AM

Uses for leftover caramel??

I made a chocolate-caramel tart, and I had more of the caramel mixture than would fit, so now I have a nice little ramekin full of caramel. It's thicker than a syrup but softer than a caramel candy. Besides putting it in coffe or latte or hot milk, or over ice cream, anyone have any suggestions for using it? I don't want to find myself just eating it by the spoonful... I don't think...


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  1. add it as a swirl, like you would cream cheese custard, to brownie batter or dollop it into banana cake.

    1. Yup, I was about to say "apply spoon," but then I stepped on the scales this morning, so don't do that (the scale or the spoon, whichever...)

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        Oh, big mistake, pine time! I'm planning on not being anywhere near a scale until at least a week after New Year's. Maybe two....

      2. I work at a soup kitchen and we got a couple jars of caramel sauce from Trader Joe's the other day. We peeled and cored apples and put that sauce in the hole in the middle, added raisins, cinnamon and some butter. They turned out beautifully.

        1. I served some over home made gingerbread last week. It was delicious.