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Dec 26, 2011 06:05 AM

Cooking for 10 - from Trader Joes, with no Cooking??

Hi...I am away for the holidays in a rented condo with my family...having 10 people for dinner but don't want to 'cook'...but have access to a Trader Joes!! Any suggestions for a quick meal from their ready to go stuff?? have some cooking utensils here but not a lot..thanks for the suggestions!!

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  1. their ready to go stuff varies, so you'll have to see, but there is usually some form of cooked chicken and salads.
    If you're willing to boil water, I'd get pasta and sauce ( maybe some meatballs) and salad.

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    1. Dairy, bakery, prepared refrigerated foods, fruit and vegetables (as well as florals) are locally supplied, so quality will vary, as noted in many, many, many threads.

      Do you have a microwave, toaster oven or pots and pans? Frozen and canned items are pretty much national.

      If you are only buying locally supplied items, check all of the dates.

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        i do have a microwave, regular oven and some limited pots and pans....have bought some frozen items before, but only smaller size ones....realize there is frozen pizza as a fallback, but imagine there are better options...don't mind some limited prep...

      2. In our TJ's in Seattle, in the refridgerated section there is usually (sometimes they are out of things, of course), a 1/2 a smoked or cooked turkey, also a pre-cooked rack of lamb and prime rib. I have never bought these items as I like to cook them myself, but would be worth a try; all you have to do is heat up. Some crackers, cheeses, cold cuts, condiments and some assorted cookies and a veggy tray would make a nice spread. You can get pre made dips, and get baby carrots, celery, snap peas, etc. from the produce section.
        Don't forget the wine, beer and some nice flavored seltzers or such as well!

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        1. re: gingershelley

          Ditto in Phoenix. They often have pre-made sides (potatoes, dressing, cranberry sauce, etc.) in the same section to go with the mains. Just heat and serve.

        2. It's been a while since I made this so please forgive some of the vagueness...I've bought their beef sirloin tips (?) (comes in that longish package where they have carne asada, lamb tips, etc.) & added a TJ's (clear glass) orange jam/marmalade for stir fry** & served with steamed rice and broccolini. You can even buy prepared rice in the frozen section. Oh, and how can I forget their frozen chicken gyozas for apps?? A staple after school snack for my kids!

          **really good as sugar caramelizes and crisps up the beef slightly; it was a TJ's sample demo so if anyone else has heard/made something like this, please chime in

          1. Here are two things I do.

            1) Get some meatballs. Get some beef broth and make a brown gravy (add mushrooms if you wish). Serve over papardelle (wide noodles).

            Do the above, only use some tomato-ey Italian sauce instead of the gravy.

            2) Lox, spreadable cream cheese, capers, red onion, tomato , and ciabatta rolls or bagels. This is more a brunch type thing, but it is nice for supper as well. A simple light soup would be good with this.