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Dec 26, 2011 05:54 AM

any ideas for smoking something new/unusual?

My husband and I both have off this week and want to try cooking some new stuff in our smoker. We've done ribs, pork butt, pork loin, brisket, whole chicken, chicken wings, and turkey breast. Our most recent experiment was smoked meatloaf (amazing!).

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had some ideas for something new to try. We don't eat lamb or duck... so those aren't options for us.

At this point, I'm thinking about trying to smoke a rump or eye roast.

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  1. With the title, I was going to suggest jackweed.....

    Howsabout fish like salmon or halibut? Or clams/oysters/mussels?
    Smoke some salt.

    1. smoke eggs, fish, scallops, vegetables ( tomatoes, ...)

      1. All the spices you would normally use to make a BBQ rub can be smoked for even more intense flavor. Kosher salt, paprika, chili powder, pepper all work very well. Sugar probably wouldn't. I suspect it would melt.

        You could look into a smoke pistol and cold smoke bacon.

        Oh and everyone has to try their own jerky.

        1. You don't really need a smoker for this (I use a pot with a steamer) but shrimp smoked over bay leaves are delicious. I put a handful of bay leaves in a dry pot, put the steamer on top and then large raw shrimp. Turn the gas up high and the leaves smoke (be sure you don't care too much about that pot). When they turn pink they're done.

          1. Many somewhat oily fish smoke well - amberjack, mullet, mackerel, for example - and can then be used in delicious fish dips.

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              Trout smokes well too. There's a Lithuanian woman in the Catskills (Bearsville) that used to make this and it was great.