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Dec 26, 2011 02:40 AM

Help! Husband left toffee sauce out all night

I made the toffee sauce that goes with Roxlet's amazing Sticky toffee pudding (if you love STP, you should search this board for the recipe and try it - wonderful) and my husband accidentally left it out all night last night. It has sugars, butter, syrup and ... cream all heated together. My gut instinct is that I need to toss it. Anyone know for sure? Thanks so much in advance.

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    1. Happy Boxing Day LLM... If the sauce recipe is similar to the recipe in the link I believe the sauce should have been refrigerated as indicated:

      "Because this recipe contains cream and butter, the caramel sauce is not shelf-stable - be sure to refrigerate..."

      1. Can't say that I am a food science expert, but I would re-heat it to a simmer, taste it and eat it if it tastes okay. I believe that high concentrations of sugar are a preservative (due to osmotic effects). And it's really not that different from a caramel candy that you would leave sitting out right? And in terms of leaving cream out at room temp... after making the amazing overnight waffles where you leave a milk-based batter sitting out on the counter overnight and then cook it in the morning to no ill effects, I would think that this should likewise be safe. Now, if it soured it might not taste so good, but I would feed it to my family if it tasted okay.

        1. I don't "know", but Just taste it and see if it's still delicious !
          Then reheat as greeneggsnham suggests.
          Personally, I don't scare easily over stuff left out....
          I wouldn't toss it at all... but if you are too worried to enjoy it,
          can you make another batch?

          1. It's fine. Just reheat it and get it to a boil, stir, turn off.
            Ours was amazing too, but I did manage to put the toffee sauce away! I think it's pretty indestructible -- I put it on a low flame to melt all the sugars, and then forgot about it. It was really boiling when I went back to the stove, but I took it off and added the cream, and it was fine. I really thought I blew it!!