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Prime Rib over cooked! What can i make with the leftovers?

I was shooting for medium, pulled it out at 135, it carried over to 150-155 and I was looking for 140 to 145 max. I thought there may still be a little pink, but it was gray all the way like a well done steak.

What can I make out of the leftovers? I probably have 7 lbs left. I don't want to try to just reheat it since it will only get more dried out.

Any ideas? Please help!


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  1. Sandwiches (sliced thin and served cold with some horseradish mustard)

    Pot roast


    Beef pot pie (a la Chicken Pot Pie)

    1. Cheesesteaks. They use Rib-Eye and they're supposed to be fairly well-done. Or French Dip, were doneness isn't an issue because of all the wet Jus. And you can make deviled ribs with the bones, as they'll be twice-cooked and can tolerate well-done very well.

      You can salvage this. Make a mix of "Au Jus" (just "Jus" for the sticklers) and Beef Stock, heat to simmering, turn off heat and let cool for a couple of minutes. Lay slices of Roast in liquid and let gently warm. It won't be rare again but it will be moist.

      Next time, if you use a low & slow method, the carry over will be only about 5 degrees. Pull it at 125 and you'll have medium rare to medium.

      1. Chop it and Freeze it. Use in your next stew or better yet chili.

        1. Beef Goulash. Surprisingly Knorr's makes a great mix that I doctor with some fried onions, peppers, carrots, celery and some additional paprika. Add the beef with the mix, water, and additions to a crock pot. It won't matter what the "doneness" of the meat was...just that it was tender. Top with sour cream and enjoy.

          1. Partially freeze it, slice it thin, and make French dip sanwiches. Roast beef hash with potatoes and onions. Chop it up with salsa and make beef tacos. Beef chili would be good. You have enough so that you should probably freeze some of it. You probably don't need anyone telling you what you did wrong but you should have shot for 125° instead of 135°.

            1. Red flannel hash, beef pot pie.

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                Yes, hash. Every year I roast a prime rib, I make hash with the leftover meat and jus from which I make gravy. Last year, I overcooked mine 7 rib roast and it was also gray all the way through. I was heartbroken and embarrassed. Fortunately, it made great hash that the whole family ate a few nights later. It was a huge hit as it is every time.

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                  I was also heartbroken to have over cooked such a good piece of meat. At least it was still good, just not quite as tender and juicy as we would have liked. Next time will definitely do things different.

              2. I was also going to suggest hash. Also the meat would be good for tacos/fajitas.

                1. Thanks to all for the ideas.

                  1. If you still have some left, grind it up with some sauteed onions and mushrooms and make meat knishes or small meat pies. The meat knishes will freze beautifully for up to 6 months. If you use puff pastry sheets you do not have to bake them until you are ready to serve. Pull from the freezer, place in 425 degree F oven for about 40 minutes until golden brown.

                    Make your meat pies by rolling out Pillsbury refrigerated biscuits to a thin level, put filling one one side, fold over in half and crimp with fork tines. Brush with egg whites if desired and bake per instructions on package. These freeze well for about 4-6 weeks.

                    Lastly, cube into 1 1/2" squares and:

                    #1 use for kebabs

                    #2 freeze in sandwich size ziploc bags. Use for quick, stews and soups, or to make quick chef salads with boiled eggs, cured meats, etc. These will keep about 3 months in the freezer.

                    1. Go for a gourmet Cottage Pie. Chop the beef with a knife into a loose hash. Saute some diced carrots and onions until soft and lightly browned and mix into the meat. Add jus, Worcestershire and thyme and perhaps a little cornstarch to thicken the sauce. Cover with mashed potatoes and bake until the top gets crusty. Options include using garlic-mashed potatoes and adding some grated cheese on top.

                      Chili or hash are the next best suggestions.


                      1. Slicing it thin or cooking it more untill it shreds and mixing that with a sauce are your best options. You can cube it and use it for pot pie, roast, stew, goulash ect... but since there is little intermuscular fat left after being cooked you will get meat with a different texture than if you used a rump roast or blade cuts that would normally be braised.

                        If you have a food processor it would be best to dice into one inch cubes and cook another half hour then chill. Pulse in the food processor until the meat is shredded and use for tacos, chili, sloppy joe, or any other application that you can drown the meat in sauce.