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Dec 25, 2011 08:17 PM

Omakase sushi in Tuscon, or maybe Phoenix

Sorry, I don;t know the name, but the restaurant served up full-course, omakase menus about ten years ago, and roughly the same time there was a review on it in Gourmet magazine. And back then teh full course meal was about 80 bucks or a 100 for ten courses.

Anyone, have any clue about what I'm getting at? Does it even still exist? Name?

thanks a bunch.

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  1. Not quite sure if this place is what you're looking for, but Yamato at 1st and Grant in Tucson is the only place I can think of that does a proper omakase. You might be thinking Phoenix.

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    1. re: missvenuz

      nope, if this helps i think it was maybe in scottsdale, and was a one syllable japanese nam (?) maybe starting with an H--- (but one syallable). and it may have been more of a restaurant witha special omakase section at a sushi bar.

      sorry about the vague description but it's all i got goin on at the moment.

      Thank you.

      1. re: kevin

        Quote from Gourmet's William Sertl 2006: The Year in Travel 12.31.06 :

        >> Your most memorable meal (not necessarily on the same trip)? Ten-course Japanese extravaganza at tiny Sea Saw in Scottsdale. Half the fun was in watching chef Nobuo Fukuda perform behind a counter that couldn't have seated more than 20 people. <<

        Sea Saw is no more. Nobuo Fukuda is now at Nobuo at Teeter House in downtown Phoenix. I don't think omakase is offered, at this time.

        You should probably post on the Phoenix board, if you're sure it was Scottsdale, and you think it was another place. Sea Saw opened in 2002, but, that was a little before I moved there, myself.

        1. re: johnseberg

          question" follow-up: is there a restaurant that he was working at before sea saw like maybe four or so years before 2006, that was a named that may have started with an H, one syllable?

          thanks, i think this might just be the same chef.