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Dec 25, 2011 07:39 PM

Very Fair Seafood Cuisine Christmas Meal

I came here for a Christmas dinner with my friends family. We were a group of 12 and ordered a set menu, drinks were done BYOB.
My gracious host ordered a 15 course meal/set menu and we waited the arrival of our food.
First course was a traditional dish consisting of BBQ pork with jelly fish. I don't eat pork but did try the Jelly fish. It was seasoned well as for the pork my fellow diners commented it was a good iteration of this traditional dish.
2nd dish was deep fried crab claws with crab meat (I am a big fan of this dish and was expecting a lot more) the batter was not crisp (no panko) and most of the meat was dried out. A very average take on this classic.
3rd Dish was Scallops with king mushroom and vegetables in clear sauce (I am trying to translate the ethnic names into the explanation I was given so some might seem odd) This was done very well not a hint of grease and showed the skill of the chef as he didn't use any oil to help himself to get this dish to shine.
Shark Fin soup before everyone pulls out their pitch forks and starts commenting on how unethical this dish is I would like to state I have little appreciation for this dish and could have lived without it but being old school I have try it as not to offend my host full stop!! There were bits of shark fin in this soup but mostly chicken was used to get the volume. I have had much better versions of this soup elsewhere.
Chinese Style Beef Steak this is one of my go to dish whenever I go to a traditional Chinese restaurant and luckily it didn't disappoint. The meat was tender and done close to perfection the sauce was sweet without being overwhelming. A very good take on this dish high recommendations here.
Shitake Mushrooms stuffed with scallops and baby bok choy in oyster sauce. While this dish looked beautiful unfortunately it didn't live up to its presentation.The mushrooms and scallops turned a bit gritty due to over cooking. Bok Choy and oyster sauce were good though.
Dynamite Oysters were flambe'd and served nice and warm. Initial taste was very good as there was very little hint of oil even though it was deep fried. I was expecting a kick given I could see all the hot pepper seeds. I would recommend eating this dish hot as it loses its texture real fast.
Next dish was garlic chicken and the skin was nice and crisp however some of the meat was dried out a very average dish.
Lobster and Ginger and clear sauce. Its lobster for crying out loud and it hard to screw this up so I enjoyed this dish thoroughly. Good skills shown by the chef again.
Steamed fish with scallions and soy. Carved and served table side. Again a simple dish which is hard to master but this one was done well.
Now came the filler courses (basically shitake mushroom noodles and seafood rice) meh nothing special but I don't expect these to be standouts.
Dessert were a combination of three items one stuffed with black sesame seeds in gooey center (served warm) red bean soup and steamed dumpling with taro centre. I am not a big fan of desserts from this region and they were as expected.
All in all a very decent xmas meal and I am grateful to my gracious host for including me in this family meal.
3.5 stars (much better than one can get in downtown) but if one has come out this far there are better options.

Very Fair Seafood Cuisine
17 Milliken Blvd, Toronto, ON M1V1V3, CA

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  1. I've never been there for dinner, but it's my favorite dim sum place, and we had christmas day lunch there (dim sum) and it didn't disappoint.
    It was insanely crowded, but then again it was Christmas day !

    Even though it was packed and busy, we didn't wait long for carts to come around. The wait was a bit long for the 2 off-the-menu dishes we ordered, but considering you could barely even walk to your table through the crowds, I guess that wasn't too bad. They had our usual favorites, like shui mei, sticky rice, chow fun, and as usual there were some things that were a bit different. for example, we had 3 different types of steamed shrimp dumplings - none were the basic har gow; I think all had spinach, one with a lot of garlic, and each was a little different.

    I find their dim sum always fresh, excellent quality, and very inexpensive :)

    And my favorite dessert is there: the fried sesame balls w/ black sesame paste inside. Don't know what they are really called, and when we once tried asking the cart lady, the only english word she knew was to call it "candy", and I speak zero Cantonese, so don't ask me the official name. I'll put a photo here:

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      Hmm I have been to the same location for dim sum eons ago but the business was under a difference name I recall it being OK. But this set menu for dinner was good.

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        That fried sesame ball w/black sesame paste is my sister's favourite. It's called Jin deui in Cantonese.

      2. I happen to LOVE the Very Fair, and I used to go there all the time when I lived in the area! Terrific dim sum, easily its equivalent in Hong Kong, which, I think is a fair comparison, since I'd bet 99% of its staff is from there.

        Amazing dim sum and cheap as chips- highly recommended.

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          biggreenmatt I had dim sum there a eons ago but I think the place was named something else it was OK. How would you compare to offerings in the suburbs to place like Emperor or Yang's?