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Dec 25, 2011 07:05 PM

Wuollet's Christmas Cookies

The CP and I each (unknowingly) bought groupons for Wuollet's this year.

We used them each to buy (lots of) cookies. What a sad dissapointment!

My advice to Wuollet's: USE BUTTER!! It's nice that your cookies are pretty. But it would be wonderful if they tasted good too! If you're charging over ten bucks for a dozen tiny cookies, why not raise your cost of goods sold by ten cents to use quality ingredients? Do you want to be the twin cities BEST bakery, or the MOST PROFITABLE?

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  1. I think that about everything I've ever had from Wuollet.

    1. I stopped going to Wuollet a long time ago, because nothing tasted very good, especially the cookies. Either they're coasting on their old reputation, or the clientele are comparing them to Cub & Supermom's.

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      1. re: AnneInMpls

        They are *totally* coasting on their old reputation. It drives me nuts: members of my family keep buying stuff from Wuollet's all the time, mostly cakes. They're okay. And probably grossly overpriced! For the same price a superior cake could be had from Cafe Latte.

      2. I agree with all of you. A VERY disappointing place. Nothing tastes good.

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        1. re: sandylc

          Their white cupcakes with white frosting are amazing if you get them at the one on 50th near France. The frosting is almost like a white fudge.