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Dec 25, 2011 05:01 PM

One afternoon/early evening in Mumbai

I'll be staying at the The Lalit Intercontinental by the airport, arriving late afternoon. Ideally would like to go for a late lunch, since I have an international flight out late at night and would rather not indulge before a long trip! Any recommendations for places near the Lalit? Is Mahesh lunch home, or Gajalee in the vicinity? I love seafood and would like to visit a seafood place. Any restaurants in the hotel (or the surrounding hotels) any good? I have heard good things about Peshawari at the Maratha Sheraton, but would rather rely on this boards opinion.

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  1. Yeah, Gajalee at MIDC is probably closest to you and I would recommend it any time above Mahesh Lunch Home. The MIDC Gajalee serves alcohol as well. Though if you have some time on your hands please try and go to the Hanuman Road Gajalee, having eaten at all their Mumbai branches, I like this one the best. No booze though :) You can find both on Google Maps.

    The ITC restaurants are legendary. I would be spoilt for choice between Peshawari, Dum Pukht and Pan Asian (DP is only open for dinner though). Beyond this though, the area around the International Airport isn't exactly foodie paradise.

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      ITC is terrible in the sense that its impossible to pick a restaurant there.. Peshawri is great for Kebabs, they do a bunch of different ones, their Dal Bukhara is famed (though other ITC restaurants do it better than the master) i think they do have some sea food on the menu there too.. but the menu is very limited.

      Dum Pukth too is stellar, the recipes come from old Awadhi masters and the food is traditional fare different from Peshawri

      I highly recommend you stick to the ITC for lunch and dont go too far, its bad traffic so keep it short and preserve your energy. Also double check before heading out to ITC to make sure kitchens are open.

      Dakshin is a stunning restaurant, great great food and sadly only open for dinner.