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Dec 25, 2011 04:52 PM

Freeze bacon?

My husband was given 3 pounds of fancy bacon for Christmas. Much as I'd love to have a week of all-bacon-all-the-time, I'm not sure the arteries could stand that. Can I freeze it, or should I just keep it in the fridge inside its vacumn packs (it's in 3 separate packages)?

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  1. I have frozen bacon a number of times with no ill affects.

    1. What a nice gift! Bacon freezes well and you described your gift as being wrapped in smaller packages so you should be fine.

      1. One technique I've used successfully with opened packages is to roll the individual slices before freezing. That way it's easy to remove what you want if you only need a small amount.

        1. We make bacon reguarly and always freeze it without problems using our Foodsaver

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            +1 on that...with the FoodSaver treatment you can not only freeze it, but freeze it for a year (and probably more) with no ill effects. I freeze bacon as well as other smoked items regularly and never to the detriment of the product.

            If you don't own a FoodSaver, you can use the heavy 'freezer bags' too. Before you zip them shut just press or suck the air out of the bag. If you think it'll be in the freezer for a while, put the sealed bag inside of another bag.

            But the FoodSaver units are so cheap these days, you might want to think about picking one up. I bought mine almost 20 years ago for mucho $$$ and don't regret the expenditure one bit. They now sell for probably a third of what I paid. Can't recommend it enough....

          2. We freeze bacon all the time. I actually find it cooks a bit better from frozen than fresh. Just pack in the amount you normally cook, place the frozen "chunk" in a pan over low heat, and cook with lid until it can be separated. Then increase heat and cook to your liking.