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Dec 25, 2011 04:42 PM

Help with Kafta

Hi. Thanks in advance. I fried Kafta tonight, and it was a disaster. Smoke everywhere, etc... The 2 things I need help with is first, does the ground meat have to put through a food processor? Both May S. Bsisu's The Arab Table and Christiane Dabdoub Nasser's Classic Palestinian Cookery specify adding the meat to a food processor, but I do not own one. Secondly, both texts instruct to heat the oil on high. I have an electric range, and set it at 8. Should I use a lower setting next time? I think it may have been to high, but I did not want to under cook the meat (instructions say 5 minutes per side).

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  1. Think of it as a hamburger with stuff in it. If the meat was first ground then put in a food processor it would make the meat more like a forecmeat. I recently made them on the grill but instead of putting them on skewers I just laid the torpedo shaped kafta on the grill grate. Got nice grill marks and didn't have to worry about them rolling on the skewer falling off.

    I did grind my own meat adding the spices to the cubed meat before it went through the grinder. Then worked in the other ingredients.