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Dec 25, 2011 03:48 PM

Best of Charleston.....with small child

Hi All! I'll be visiting Charleston in late April for 3 nights with my husband and our daughter who will be 4.5 months at the time. My husband and I are anxious to check out the city's vibrant food scene but as new parents and first time Charleston visitors, we're not entirely sure how child-friendly certain restaurants are.

We'd very much like to go to Husk and FIG for dinner and we're hoping that both are loud and vibrant enough that they'd be willing to accommodate a small child in a bassinet (assuming she stays nice and quiet for us)!! Are we off-base?? We also heard good things about High Cotton but from its website it appears a bit more stuffy thus perhaps we'd be better off doing lunch or brunch there??

Any other suggestions out there? Hominy Grill looks child friendly but is it worth the wait? Pennisula Grill also appeals but I don't think we could bring our daughter there. We definitely would like to take as much advantage of adult dining as we can while she's still young enough to sit still. Price not an issue but as we live in CT near NYC, we'd like to stick to local cuisine we can't readily get up north.

Thanks for your help!! Happy Holidays!!

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  1. Congratulations! You must be fixin' to give birth.

    I think you'll be okay in any of your choices. I don't think High Cotton is at all stuffy. I've been there with friends and their children, and the staff always took great care of the kids. Brunch there is great, but only served on weekends.

    Do be aware that the tables at both High Cotton and Hominy are close together and you'll need a big one if by bassinette you mean one of those bucket looking things.

    I've been at Husk when it was really noisy. If the weather is nice you might want a table on the porch. Make reservations at FIG, Husk and High Cotton and tell them you'll be bringing the little one.

    I think Hominy is worth the wait. It's open all afternoon, so if you go mid-afternoon you might not have to wait at all.

    Will you have a car? If so, check out Glass Onion in West Ashley and Atlanticville on Sullivans.

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      Thanks so much for your reply and good wishes!

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        Sure. Do let us know what you liked.

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      1. The only places I would suggest you steer clear of with a child that small are McCrady's, Circa 1886, and Peninsula Grill. The main issue is the dining rooms are intimate so they would have a difficult time accommodating the bassinet, and if she is fussy there isn't anywhere to go with her.

        I have been to Husk and High Cotton when there were small children and it wasn't an issue. FIG is more refined so I would suggest asking the restaurant. Charleston Grill, while upscale, is busy enough that your daughter shouldn't be a problem. If you have a car, Fat Hen on John's Island is outstanding and blue jeans casual. I also very highly recommend Cru Cafe on Pinckney Street. It business casual and has excellent Lowcountry food.

        I really want to like Hominy Grill but I just don't. It's good but not great and I think it's overrated. I keep going back hoping I'll discover that thing that I'm apparently missing, but I haven't found it yet. I would go to The Glass Onion instead.

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          We went to the Glass Onion two days of our two day trip to Charleston this week. What great food!
          My son had the fried quail one day, the other son had hangar steak one night, and a killer gumbo the other, I had sheepshead with roasted rutabagas and the most heavenly grits this side of paradise. Hubby tried four or five things off the starters section of the menu, and everything we ate was delicious.
          And yes, kids would be fine there.