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Dec 25, 2011 02:58 PM

Has anyone tried Harley's Smokehouse in East harlem

Been reading about it onYelp but need some serious"Que' feedback before I am going spend there. They are a little high for what they offer. they are getting mixed reviews some people love it while other's are not that crazy about it. Just wondering if it's worth the money.. I am looking for an alternative from Dinosaur uptown

Harley's Smokeshack
355 E 116th St, New York, NY 10035

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  1. I guess no one has tried it. Thanks anyway . Is there any good BBQ in East Harlem

    1. Hi Coachrbc,

      My mom and I had dinner there a few weeks ago (Friday,Dec 23) and we were not impressed with the food, but very impressed with the service.

      My mom ordered the St. Louis Baby Back Ribs and I had the St. Louis Spare Ribs. I forgot the sides my mom had, but I had the "Hot, Bubble & Crunchy" mac and cheese. My mom's ribs were burnt on the outside, and was sent back to the kitchen. The Chef apologized, and sent the ribs cut up into smaller pieces. My ribs were not burnt, however, they were pink on the inside. I didn't bother to send my ribs back, as I was already turned off by the mac n cheese, which was nothing more than shell pasta and powdered cheese in a very small dish. The Chef could of at least used Kraft or Velveeta mac n cheese instead. Even I can't screw up mac and cheese, but it seems like Harley's has managed to do that.

      The Chef did send us the Sweet Corn Souffle, which was decent, and they do serve the raspberry beer I like. Granted there were not that many people in the restaurant (I believe there were 3 other tables being served and a few folks at the bar), the staff were more than accommodating. We must of had at least 3 people waiting on us (1 waitress that took our order & brought our drinks, and 2 staff members that brought us our food).

      Would I return to this restaurant, only if I could sit at the bar and order appetizers and drink raspberry beer. Would I recommend this place to others, NO! I have not had the opportunity to visit Dinosaur BBQ, but I'm hoping its better than Harley's.

      Harley's Smokeshack
      355 E 116th St, New York, NY 10035