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Dec 25, 2011 10:32 AM

Ink Sack...

Had to drop my daughter off at Beverly Center the other day, so I decided to check out Ink Sack...

1. Parking is a pain. I found a spot a block away after circling a couple times. I guess if you're in the hood shopping at Marc Jacobs and are hungry, it's not an issue.

2. Staff was pleasant. Customers were 75% insufferable hipsters. Fortunately, it was takeout and I could wait outside.

3. Ordered two sandwiches...Jose Andres and Rueben. Ate them standing up, right outside. Sandwiches are tiny. Two barely satiated my hunger. Neither looked particularly attractive. The bread was weird...crusty and soft - like an reheated day old roll. Neither was really satisfying. A rueben needs to be grilled bread and rye. The Jose Andres was edible, but unremarkable.

I had a delicious, regular sized Godmother the day before at Bay Cities...for half the price, it was twice the sandwich.

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  1. I agree... I totally wanted to love it, I love the godmother as well, but there is always room for more refined flavors and ingredients... sadly we didn't find it here... The Tongue Ruben instead of being luscious as tongue dishes should be usually are, was rubbery, almost like the 'cold cuts' used at subway! The Jose Andres was WAY overpowered by the relish and the cold chicken sandwich was one of the vilest thing I ate in 2011... The ONE saving grace was the Bahn Mi. Totally unexpected, but excellent flavor, that one-size-fits all bread actually worked wonderfully this sandwich and the use or airy, porky, salty rinds we inspired, but not out of place. I'd go back just for that ONE Sandwich and probably will because although not a hipster, I love me some Marc Jacobs... ;)


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      Forgot to link a picture of the Bahn Mi... Glorious.

      The cold chicken... RUN AWAY!


      1. re: Dommy

        I didn't love the banh mi. I thought the pork rinds were kind of a cheat. It feels like they just threw in the crunchy pork rinds because it would have been too hard for them to make the proper bread. it does indeed add some nice crunchiness to the sandwich, which is probably why a banh mi should be on a french baguette in the first place.

        Also, what sandwich wouldn't be better with a few pork rinds on it. Didn't make it for me though.