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Dec 25, 2011 09:33 AM

pozole in the D? [SW Detroit]

Looking for a good bowl of pozole in SW Detroit. I know & like El Barzon for pozole, but are there any simpler places you might recommend, ie taquerias with pozole?

Also yearning for "carne en su jugo"--a western Mexican soup/stew.

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  1. Taquería Mi Tierra at Oakwood and Schaefer sells a decent carne en su jugo. Generally tasty stuff there at rock bottom prices.

    There must be other places with pozole. I would be surprised if Taquería Mi Pueblo didn't have it. But since El Barzón's is so terrific (both green and red), I've never eaten it anywhere else.

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    1. re: Jim M

      I tried El Barzon's Posoole and I have to say it wasn't as good as my own homemade.....but since I am Polish, I guess it isn't authentic (grin).

      1. re: Jim M

        Taquería Mi Pueblo has pozole, menudo and birria on weekends only. I have yet to try any of them, as I am only in the Detroit area during the week.

        1. re: 1sweetpea

          El Nacimiento has pozole blanco on the menu daily. It didn't blow me away, but was serviceable. It's possible that the server sized me up as a gringa and advised the kitchen to give me the "safe" pieces of pork, rather than the sundry parts that might be floating in the bowl had I indicated that I wanted them.

      2. Try La Botana in Troy (Square Lake and John R).....they often have pozole on the weekends. I would call first to double-check though.

        Weekdays, they always have fideo, which is also yummy.

        BTW: All their salsas and sauces are homemade and they are GOOD! I lived in Mexico City and it is just like the good homecooking I had there.