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Dec 25, 2011 08:50 AM

How to cook beef shell roast?

Cooking beef shell roast for the first time and not finding many recipes/instructions. Would love tips and/or recipes? How long do I cook it for ? It's 6 lbs and tied. Thanks in advance!

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  1. it's also called strip loin roast or top loin roast - that may help with your search.

    450 oven. for that weight, 55 minutes to an hour will give you mostly medium rare with a relatively rare center (just take it out when the center temp reaches 110 or 112, because it will continue cooking out of the oven and come up to about 120 or so). you'll want to time it so you remove it from the oven 20-30 minutes before serving to let it rest & come up to temperature.

    as for seasoning/flavors, that really depends on your preferences and whatever else you're serving. definitely liberal salt & pepper, garlic, and for fresh herbs i'd opt for rosemary & thyme. the best way is to rub the meat with olive oil and all the seasonings an hour or so before cooking...and if you roast it on a rack you can use the drippings for a gravy.

    does that help?

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      Awesome - thank you so much!! Helps tremendously. We usually do Standing Rib Roast but the butcher convinced my mom to get this...I do most of the cooking and wasn't sure how to do this.

    2. For all intents, this thread will give you basic directions.

      These were my comments from a Holiday Strip Loin Roast I did a couple of years back:

      For this past Christmas, instead of the traditional Standing Beef Rib Eye Roast.....for a change, I chose to have a Sirloin (New York Strip)Strip Roast. Trimmed it was about ten pounds....cooked at 215* for 4.5 hours and it was excellent.....From what I understand, this cut is very popular in the UK for the holidays...more so than here in the States.....that may change in my least it will be entered into the holiday rotation.