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Dec 25, 2011 08:44 AM

Deciding between Nora Gray, Da Vinci or Decca 77... Help!

Hi Chowhounders!

My friend and I are treating ourselves to a beauty treatment in Montreal after New Year's day at the Izba Spa and are staying for the night at the Sheraton Center.

We are also celebrating her birthday and I'm looking for a restaurant that has great food and a relaxed atmosphere conducive to good conversation. Preferably Italian, possibly French.

Since we'd like to be near our hotel, preferably walking distance, I've narrowed the choices to the three following: Nora Gray, Da Vinci or Decca 77. I've heard Nora Gray is very noisy, but if we go early, it should be ok.

I don't want a trendy place. What I do want is good food, friendly service and quiet surroundings.

Can you help me choose?


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  1. Decca 77 without a doubt.